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  1. Hmm, I used to have the exact same problem with a ralink wireless card on an everex. I wrote a little applescript to delete the kextcache files every time the computer booted up. Solved the problem and only added a few seconds to boot time. From what I've heard around here though, deleting the kext cache files doesn't help.
  2. Strange how every one has had this problem. I've had none whatsoever. I'm running 10.5.2, what's everyone else running?
  3. It sure sounds like a video issue, did you install apples video update? I couldn't get accelerated internal graphics working at all without it. I experience a 30-60 second blue screen delay every time I boot, does anyone else have that? I think it's related to the video drivers. If you don't have that delay than you definitely have different drivers than me. Thanks to sleep I rarely reboot so the delay isn't a big deal.
  4. Manual install isn't too hard. Put the kext on your desktop and replace my username jacob with yours. Type these commands into the terminal. sudo -s (type your password) cd /System/Library/Extensions mkdir backup mv AppleAzaliaAudio.kext backup mv AppleHDA.kext backup mv /Users/jacob/Desktop/AzaliaTurboTP1984.kext . chown -R root:wheel AzaliaTurboTP1984.kext chmod -R 755 AzaliaTurboTP1984.kext rm ../Extensions.mkext reboot
  5. Do you have the patch installed that gives you the power meter? Also, do you have a fingerprint reader or an internal cellular modem? What version of osx are you running. I'm not even going to try upgrading past my 10.5.2 for fear of problems.
  6. I think it was on battery, so that makes sense. I guess the SMBIOS enabled some native throttling, sort of. Coolbook is great. That makes sense that the fingerprint scanner could jam it up. I don't have one, perhaps you could try opening your laptop and disconnect the ribbon cable or wire for the scanner and see if it fixes your troubles. I can sleep with USB devices plugged in, but if I plug or unplug USB while the computer is sleeping it wakes it up and sometimes locks it up.
  7. I loaded the AppleSMBIOS that zakfontaine uploaded. It works! Thank you!!! I still get the "cannot find default frequencies/voltages message" Does anyone else get that? I get some interesting results with coolbook. After installing AppleSMBIOS, before registering coolbook, and without restarting after the first run of coolbook, it was reporting 800MHz and .9 something volts. xbench results were only 50 for my CPU, so I think the report was valid. That's some serious underclocking for my 2GHz CPU; that would result in some serious battery savings; perfect for airplane trips and such. I registered coolboook; and it works, but the lowest I can go is 1200MHz and 1.0V. That's still great; and active throttling is working; so I'm happy. xbench is back up to 125 for my CPU. I get 75 in xbench on the lowest setting of 1200MHz, 1.0V. About the sleep issue, I have GMA X3100. Come to think of it, I couldn't get sleep to work until I had video acceleration. I installed kalyway 10.5.1 then the kalyway 10.5.2 update, and then updated the graphics driver via software update. For a while I could only get graphics via VGA out, but the apple update fixed that.
  8. I'm running 10.5.2 via kalyway 10.5.1 and the update. Sleep works flawlessly, I don't remember if I had to install any special kexts, but I sleep my X61 several times a day 7 days a week, for many moons now..flawless. I'm trying coolbook, but it fails with the message "could not find default frequencies/voltage" Please tell me more about how you loaded the smbios from a macbook. I copied a vanilla AppleSMBIOS.kext(10.0.12) from a MacBook, it loads fine, but I still get the error with coolbook. I tried it with vanilla and toh kernels, no luck. With the smbios from a macbook installed system profiler reports "There was an error while gathering this information."
  9. It's so nice to see these things being discussed. It seems sound was the big hurdle, the rest is just tweaking. I can't imaging why ethernet would be needed for time machine. Perhaps you could find a dummy driver, have you tried it with usb ethernet? I find that audio outputs aren't necessary because I use a usb audio device. Native ethernet would be nice; audio out would be gravy. The next items on my hit list are backlight control, then speedstep; both would help with battery life, and the backlight control is nice in bed. Shades just isn't the same. I had to reinstall sound at one point just like everyone else, but that was a few days after the driver was released and it's been working flawlessly since; I was ready to sell this thing, now I just upgraded to 4gb of ram, and I couldn't be happier; I don't even have windows installed. Hooray for Turbo, and I think we all sometimes forget the company that really makes it all possible, Apple. So go buy a Mac; they're fully supported and awesome too. terryterry, get the atheros card; you need it; regardless of ethernet a laptop needs wireless, they don't cost so much on ebay. The install is surprisingly simple.
  10. try "sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext", does that help at all?
  11. I've been using it for a couple weeks now without any problems.. except it doesn't like if you plug in headphones. Use a usb headphone adapter for that. I use the Griffin iMic, it's much better than the cheapos on ebay. The network kext isn't available yet, but maybe if we send turbo more donations he will release it.
  12. I'd suggest downgrading to 10.5.2 for now. There are no other relevant kexts, so it must be the kernel. Perhaps you could just downgrade your kernel.
  13. Does HD Audio Output show up in System Prefs->Sound? I'm using 10.5.2. via 10.5.1 and the kalyway update on the X61, but i believe they're mostly identical. Jacob
  14. no changes, just kalyway 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 update
  15. My middle button works in FireFox3, it enables scrolling mode. I'm really so happy about this audio, as everyone here knows. The Intel wired ethernet, the backlight, and CPU throttling are the only things not working on my laptop. All minor really, I have a usb ethernet adapter, and shades helps with brightness control. True brighness control would be nice as would CPU throttling since it would save battery, but the battery on this laptop is great anyway, I get 2 hours or more. Thanks again Turbo! And I'd also like to thank Taruga, who has really pioneered all the audio driver hacking and helped out Turbo along the way. Thanks guys!!! I would now like to nominate the Lenovo X61 for best hackintosh laptop!!! I have a macbook, but I like this better due to the 12" size, the waterproof keyboard, and now the great hardware support!!!