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  1. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Frankly, I think that I just got lucky with the distro being highly compatible with my laptop. I didn't really do anything special with ATIRadeonx1000.kext and used RadeonHD.kext to get resolution options. Deleting the two kexts I mentioned fixed all of my problems. I'd suggest to delete one, see what happens, then delete the other and see. Remember to fix permissions! Even after just removing a kext! I forgot to do that once in this process and things were pretty screwed up. iAtkos seems to come stock with some great features for laptops anyway, so maybe try it out. Good luck, wish I could help you more! I'm not super knowledgeable about this stuff yet. :-p
  2. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    My card doesn't have DVI out, so I can't help you with that. But like i said, the mouse tearing issue is fixed by Mighty Mouse. Thanks again.
  3. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Good news, I got it working! both QE/CI are enabled. I installed the ATIRadeonx1000.kext modified for my device ID, and RadeonHD.kext. At first, I got many kernel panics and weird colors, but the trick to making it work was to REMOVE ATINDRV.kext AND ATIDRV.kext. Now the system works great. The only issue is the mouse has artifacts andd tearing. Is there a soultion to this, I'm currently using mighty mouse, but i don't really want to buy it. Any free solution? I used a new distro, iAtkos v7. Battery, power settings, bluetooth, and sound all work out of the box, and the touchpad works with multitouch support with VoodooPS2 with trackpad support. Very stable too. Hopefully this thread helps somebody out! Thanks for your help!
  4. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Thanks, but it didn't enable QE/CI and now the screen has a blue-green tint. Internal LCD works though. I'm going to start from scratch with a new distro I think. Hopefully have better luck.
  5. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Is that likely to help? I don't know a ton about the differnt distributions. Do you know of one that might give me an easier time or that is geared specifically towards laptops? thanks for all the help though!
  6. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Unfortunately that didn't really work. Folloeing those instructions did help one thing though....I can use an external monitor. System Profiler also has a new entry under Graphics "Rotation", which is listed as supported. However, System Profiler still lists Quartz Extream as being unsupported. Also, even if i set the display settings to match the internal LCDs specs exactly (1280*786@60hz), switching to the internal after booting with the external results in "stripes" of various parts of the ddesktop image being displayed on the internal. WhenI switch back, the exernal also displays this. The system will not even boot on the internal, it just displays a black sccreen, and if I attach the external after trying to boot on the intenral, the system seems to be hanging at the Apple logo. i replaced the ATIRadeonx1000.kext supplied withthe installer with one custom modified by super_engine for me with proper device IDs. This seems to have fixed a color issue that happened with the intial boot on the external screen. Thanks for the link though, it still moved me forward a bit! Any other ideas?
  7. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Unfortunately it didn't work. It just causes a black screen after restart, and the installer always says "install failed, can't run postflight script". If I hook up an external monitor, the screen on the external turns flat blue, and then when I switch back to internal the internal (that was black) turns the same type of blue. Frustrating!
  8. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Yeah, I have VGA out. When I booted with it already plugged in, the laptop would hanging at the apple logo. When I plugged it in after booting up, the external screen simply displayed the exact same artifacts and errors as the internal screen. Any ideas??
  9. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    Hello all. I'm still having issues with my Mobility x1300. While I have been able to fix the resolution issue using RadeonHD.kext, I can't get QE/CI working. Using ATIRadeonx1000.kext only creates a black screen with artifacts and weird colors where the dock and menu bar should be I have installed versions of ATIRadeonx1000.kext, and super_engine has been kind enough to edit a copy for my device ID, which also lead to the artifacts. PLEASE, Please, if anybody has anything to help me out I wold be EXTREMELY thankful. I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400, and I know for a fact people have been able to make this card/laptop combo work, I just don't know how to do it. Thanks to all!
  10. ATIX1000 for 7149

    Unfortunately, it didn't work. The first time I tried to boot (with the -v and -f flags) I got a black screen with some artifacts. The second time I tried to boot (regular boot) I got a kernel panic. System Profiler still says Quartz Extream is not supported.... :-/ Thanks though!
  11. [Update-Guide] ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 totally WORKS

    Another update on my situation.... I tried installing an unmodified version of ATIRadeonx1000.kext, and interestingly this fixed the kernel panic issue, but did not enable QE/CI. That is the only issue that needs fixing now, resolution is fixed. I read somewhere that you have add your device ID to both the Info.plist file in ATIRadeonX1000.kext AND to a hex file in the kext. I have no idea what file is the hex file, and no idea how to edit it. I have a feeling editing it and adding my device ID to Info.plist will fix my problems. It would be awesome if someone could tell me how to do this. No guides I've read actually explain how to do this, they just assume the user has already learned how. Thanks! Edit: I figured out how to add my device ID to the hex file and to the info.plist file, but now the computer just hangs on boot at the apple logo after it switches to full resolution. I can still boot into safe mode. Hmmm....
  12. [Update-Guide] ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 totally WORKS

    I had some time on my hands and injected my EDID into RadeonHD.kext, and I got full resolution (1280*800) after a restart. Cool, half done! Now I have been trying to use ATIRadeonX1000.kext, but ever after putting in my device ids I get a kernel panic when booting normally, but interestingly no kernel panic when booted with the -v flag, although the video is like the photo I posted in an earlier post in this thread. Lots of artifacts, with a black screen, ie completely unusable. So, halfway done. Maybe I am entering the device ID wrong? I entered it as 0x71491002. Thanks for the help!
  13. [Update-Guide] ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 totally WORKS

    Hello super_engine! Sorry for delay in response, things have been incredibly busy. It would be great if you could customize a kext for me! i'd be really thankful! My device id is 7149. My EDID is (I think): 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 44934C00 00000000 000F0103 80211578 0A479994 574F8C27 27505400 00000101 01010101 01010101 01010101 0101CB1B 00A05020 17303020 26004BCF 10000018 0000000F 0008002A 00010004 00324A04 14000000 00FE0059 43343734 00000000 00000000 000000FE 00404C58 6080B4E0 FF01010A 20200047 EDID collected from windows using softMCS. Thanks again! Hope you can help me, happy new year!
  14. ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    I'm still looking for solutions on this. Even if here is no way to get this working, i'd like to know!