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  1. I have performed a 10.5.7 update using Leopard's built-in Software Update system. This was mostly successful except for the fact that it installed a driver which destroyed my video (garbled it up real nice). I was able to load into safemode however with no problems. After fighting it for a week I gave in and posted here on the ATI forum and was assisted by iPoco who told me to remove the file ATIRadeonX2000.kext file from my System/Library/Extensions folder. After doing so my system boots up again! Now I'm going to try and get my sound drivers and all of that working again and will post with what I did, assuming all works fine. Here is a link to the thread regarding the graphics issue: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;mode=linear
  2. Ddog800

    Force Leopard to use VESA driver

    BEAUUUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much man, that solved it, my system is once again booting again. Now I can work on getting my drivers back up that were working before the 10.5.7 upgrade. I suppose I should have just posted initially, but I hate doing that without searching first, even if I do end up beating my head over the monitor for a while. And regardless, I did pick up quite a few good tidbits along the way. Might I ask how you were able to come to this determination? I'm interested in trying to learn how all of this works so I'm not constantly having to bug people about it. Particularly how OSx decides which driver to load. Does it just try and load everything in the System/Library/Extensions folder or what? Once again, thanks for the assistance!
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    Force Leopard to use VESA driver

    How can I force Leopard to use a VESA driver instead of using whatever random driver it's trying to use? I had a perfectly working 10.5.6 system running on my Studio 1735 with an ATI Mobility HD3650 using VESA drivers. It was working like this when I installed it. After updating to 10.5.7 it has installed some driver that it's now attempting to use and I get a garbled screen. When I boot in safe mode with -x it works fine again with the VESA driver, but I can't figure out how to force this thing to use that again in normal mode. Where do you even go to select what driver the system uses? I see a plethora of kexts in System/Library/Extensions including a dozen or so ATI drivers. Which one is it using? I've tried to boot using -v but it never says anything about what video driver is loading. Is there a decent way to troubleshoot this to tell which driver its loading and if so, how do i force it not to use said driver? Sorry, but I've only been playing with OSx for about a week or so now and am still learning how this thing works. At the very least can someone point me to a document that explains how the underlying OSx system is set up? I'm very well versed in Linux and Windows operations and am a system engineer so it doesn't matter how technical.. the more the better as far as I'm concerned. I'm just tired of plucking through this system like I'm blind. Any help (or helping me to help myself) would be appreciated! [Edit] Just as a side note, and before someone posts to tell me to search the forums, yes I have Googled my life away since last week looking for everything from forcing a VESA driver to load with leopard to just looking for generic information about how the Leopard driver system works hoping I can determine what is loading or not loading. It's amazing how much information is NOT out there. I've hunted through forums, including this one, and Googled as I said for all manner of information. I can't even so much as find out about the system itself. IF anyone can at least point me to a 'How Leopard works' page, that would be great as long as I can glean some sort of useful info. Thanks again. [Edit]
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    10.5.5 update to 10.5.7 now garbled screen

    Ihave the exact same system and ran into the exact same issue with this. Previously I'd installed with iPC 10.5.6 and everything was working fine out of the box with VESA drivers, but now after installing the updated I get the same garbled video in normal mode, but in safe mode it works fine. Anyone come up with a solution for this I'd be grateful as I still know very little about the OSx infrastructure and how to troubleshoot these simple issues.
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    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I've managed to get it all pretty successfully installed onto my Dell Studio 1735 over the last day or 2, except of course for the Mobility Radeon HD driver. I've posted my experiences at the post linked to below if anyone is interested: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=174511 I see that a spotty random few people have gotten the Mobility Radeon HD card to work, but as I said it does seem quite random.
  6. Well I've finally gotten up off my lazy duff and started playing with loading Leopard onto my Dell Studio 1735. So far it's been pretty successful, except for the extremely annoying issue of not having proper drivers for my Mobility HD3650 (damn you Apple for being so proprietary!) In fact, this being the first time I've really tried this since Tiger a few years ago, I'm really amazed at some of the stuff that has to be done to get simple functions working (PS/2 Keyboard fix?? Are you kidding me????). They really go out of their way to make sure only the hardware they want to work works. On the opposite side of that coin I'm rather amazed at what this community has been able to accomplish to get all of these little things working.. Congrats and thanks! Onto my specs: Dell Studio 1735 Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.53Ghz) 4 GB DDR2 800Mhz ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650 256MB Intel High Definition Audio Backlit keyboard 320 GB WD SATA HDD Dell Bluetooth 370 Dell Wireless-N 1510 Broadcom Gb Ethernet Authentec Fingerprint scanner Integrated Webcam To get Leopard installed onto this puppy I've (so far) only tried the 10.5.6 iPC distro along with the Dell Post Installer v3. Also, I want to note that though I've basically gotten it all up and running, I'm still considering this a work in progress. There are options in the installer that I ticked on that may or may not have been necessary. I'm going to be reinstalling this thing a few more times to try and determine precisely what is necessary. I've also gotten the latest iAtkos distro which I've not even so much as burned to a disc yet, so I'm interested to see how that fares..... I was only able to get the iPC installer to load by using 'cpus=1' in my boot options. Note: Once everything was installed I'm using both cores with no problems, so dropping it to 1 core was only to get it installed. Once the installer was up I gave it 1 partition. Packages I selected for this round are as follows: USB Mount Fix PS/2 Keyboard Fix AppleSMBios-27 Rev6 667MHz (this was a mistake, I should have grabbed the 800MHz one.. that said, it *is* working as is ) PowerManagement Package Patched USB Drivers Intel ICHx SATA Drivers Remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Disabler (actually I must have accidentally ticked this one on.. I don't believe I need it and will try it without it next go-around) I didn't install any of the applications on the disc, I also didn't really turn on any of the drivers except for the ICHx one since I knew I had my Dell Post Installer to run afterwards. Once the installation was complete I set my account up and, evidently, my webcam is working since it was able to use it to snap a picture to associate with my account. I ran the post-installer and let it put everything on. I rebooted back to the installer and let it run a repair, as per the suggestion of the Post Installer. For some reason the audio didn't initially work. I wasn't sure what the issue was, and I'm still learning the ins and outs of how Osx's drivers work, but what I ended up doing was removing the AppleHDA.kext file from /System/Library/Extensions and then reinstalling the 'IDT Audio' driver again from the Dell Post Installer and after a reboot the audio kicked right in. So at this point everything is working except for my ATI Mobility HD card and the fingerprint scanner, which I’ve not even bothered with at this point. I'd honestly be happy just to get this thing into a slightly higher resolution than the 1024x768 that it's defaulting in.. Even if it's just a proper 16:9 resolution, it doesn't have to be the full 1920x1200, and I really don't even need the 3d functions. My primary interest in running Leopard is for iPhone development and I've also heard that Osx is great for Ruby development so I wanted to play with that a bit. Of course I can do all of this as is, but it would be nice to at least not have to look at this stretched screen all day (it BURRNNNNS!!!!!! ) As a side note, I decided to take it one step further and see if it could dual boot.. no, scratch that -- TRIPLE boot this thing. I shrunk the Leopard partition down to about 30 gigs with a PartED Live CD and then installed Windows 7 in to about a 100 something GB partition. This went fine, though I temporarily lost access to Leopard. I then used the remaining free space and installed Kubuntu, which automagically setup Windows in the Grub menu as it usually does. I then manually added Leopard to the Grub menu as well (was rather easy, just a quick entry into the menu.lst and a little help from a PC_EFI v9 loader in /boot on my ext4 partition) and now I’m able to successfully load Kubuntu Jaunty, Windows 7 or Leopard 10.5.6 from my Grub menu with no problems. I don’t know how practical this all will be in the longrun, but I just wanted to see if I could do it . I’d love to hear suggestions from anyone, and I also hope that this bit of info is found useful by fellow Dell Studio users. I’ll be posting more information as I work through this bit of fun. <EDIT> As a quick note, the Bluetooth 370 is not yet functioning. I hadn't actually tested it before, but I'd seen an icon somewhere that made me think it was working. When I checked System Profiler it didn't have a driver loaded. I'll post a new reply once I've gotten this going. For the moment I'm just trying to figure out how to sucessfully update this thing to 10.5.7 and it maintain my working VESA configuration. <End EDIT>