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  1. Yes, I got this for 3 months now but I finally know how to fix it and i'll share it with all you other guys. Pual's Wind Drivers do not work for Aspire One 150!! If they do they disappear after update. If you got the screen like pbor2 did and I then download the pack I am uploading, boot into safe mode using -X at chameleon or whatever bootloader you are using, login and use kext helper to install the kexts i've provided and finally restart and boot with -F just this once and you should be back and running and you'll get that nifty 1024x600 that I only got once in a million times of reinstalling OSx86! So, enjoy! Let me know if it works for you as I have Acer Aspire One 150 and I havent gotten the right resolutions until I did this. It took me i'd say 15 hours to find the right combination of kexts and the AppleGMA950 I included is straight from Apple and it works beautifully! PS. Safeboot is optional, its only needed if your video is messed up like pbor2 ! AOA150_by_m477h3w.zip
  2. yeah it definitely is annoying to have to run Kismac but I added it to my dock and then right clicked it to and added it to my Login so it opens everytime I login. Worked pretty well for me it only takes a few seconds once you get a hold of it.
  3. So after many failed attempts at getting my precious Wi-Fi working with my Acer Aspire One 150, I have finally figured it out. It was relatively easy compared to all the other tutorials and I noticed that the others tutorials lacked the crutial detail that made this all work for me. This is exactly what I did: NOTE: I installed with iATKOS 10.5.7 and Voodoo Kernel 9.0.7!!! Step 1 - Install this Atheros ar5007 package located on my mediafire here Step 2 - Restart the computer and then install IO80211Family.kext here using Kext Helper! Step 3 - DO NOT RESTART YET! Use this program to repair Kext Permissions here, wait for it to finish and then Restart! Step 4 - Download Kismac Trunk r319 located here and extract & run it! Step 5 - In the preferences pane of Kismac go to Drivers, and add "Apple Airport Extreme card, Passive Mode" Step 6 - (The Step that never was even mentioned to anywhere but I decided to try) Under Channel Hopping click "Check All"! This made my wireless networks finally show up! Exit the preferences pane. Step 7 - Click Start Scan in Kismac and when prompted enter you password. When your wifi networks show up quit Kismac! Now your wifi networks should show up in the Aiport Utility! Join your network and Enjoy! I'm on a WEP encrypted network and it works perfectly! No slowdowns or disconnects like i've seen others reporting! Your going to have to do Step 7 everytime you reboot or logoff (I don't know the logoff since i'm the only user on my aa1) and it could be a pain but its working!!! Sorry about all the steps, i'm sure I could have condensed them into fewer but I just wanted to be thorough This is exactly what I did. I do not know if you really needed to install the IO80211.Family.kext or if you needed to repair permissions but these were the exact steps I did to get mine working. So, later after you want to reinstall your system at some point you can test if you need to skip that or not. ALL THE PROGRAMS I NEEDED I OBTAINED FROM A FEW SITES SO I'M SORRY FOR NOT GIVING CREDIT WHERE I'M SURE IT IS DUE. I JUST HAVE BEEN THROUGH ABOUT A MILLION SITES LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION AND PICKED UP THESE PROGRAMS ALONG THE WAY. I GOT THE ATHEROS AR5007 PACKAGE FROM A DRIVER PACK I GOT ON THEPIRATEBAY IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING. EDIT 5:56 AM I just update iTunes, Quicktime and Jave whatever and restarted. Next boot my wifi networks wouldn't show up again so I tried pretty much everything and waited to install the Atheros AR5007 package for last. Well, that did the trick. Wi-Fi is back and operational. I don't know what happened maybe when I updated it replaced the driver or something? I don't know but if you have this same problem do as I and install that package again. That leads me to believe that using the IO80211.kext isnt needed in initial steps but like I said I haven't re-install OSx86 again so further testing is needed. Sorry to keep updating.