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  1. Hey everyone, I am trying to install iATKOS v7 10.5.7 on a Dell PowerEdge SC440. No matter what customization options I try the box goes into a reboot loop after the install. Installation seems to be successful as I get the screen with the big green check mark. I have tried the vanilla kernel and two other Voodoo kernels as well as all three boot loaders available from the customization screen. The only non-standard part that I have in the machine is a Sound Blaster card. I have tried to boot with -x, -v, -f, cpus=1,-legacy and different combinations of these options, but every time it would just reboot trying to load kernel. I do not get a panic message or anything. The CPU in this machine is: processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 15 model : 6 model name : Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.00GHz stepping : 5 cpu MHz : 2400.000 cache size : 2048 KB I have changed the BIOS option and it to single CPU core, I also have "Limit CPUID" disabled and "enable eXecution" enabled. (I have tried with "Limit CPUID" enabled and eXecution disabled with the same result - reboot loop). I am attaching the output of 'lspci -v' output and install.log (named install_log.txt) from the last installation attempt to this message. If anybody know what else I can try, I'd really appreciate any suggestions. lspci_v.txt install_log.txt