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    Kernel Panic in 10.5.6 System Profiler

    En....Seatbelt and System.kext's Version is right. Any other solution? BTW: Is there anyone else suffering this problem?
  2. Hi All I just upgraded to 10.5.6 and everything is just fine except this Every time, if system try to collect the information of Graphics Driver, System will got kernel Panic. Including System Profiler, Crash Reporter, and so on..... Anyone has any idea about how to solve it?
  3. Bjartskular

    Red Alert 3 Cider Port

    En...I just read a post that someone has successfully ported 1.04.... So hmm.... Does anyone still have 1.00's Crack?
  4. Bjartskular

    Red Alert 3 Cider Port

    Hi All I'm trying to Port RA3 1.4 with Cider 2097 but I got this. Anyone has any Idea?
  5. Here Im Last time I tried on my notebook with snow, and it works...1 month ago i remember....
  6. Bjartskular

    Power still on after shutdown Leopard

    You just need install the 10.4.10's USB Debug Kit I solved it by this way
  7. Bjartskular

    What about a Leopard LiveDVD

    First, no more /etc/rc in Leopard, instead of LaunchDaemons Second, mach_init.d almost the empty one. Fortunately that in the Leopard's DVD Image I still found the rc.cdrom, but which can't boot to the SystemStarter Directly. so, any idea?
  8. I have already tested iChatUSBCam, seems like it didn't recognized by the newer iChat. macam works, because my mercury messenger recognized my webcam. Any way to make the camera work with iChat? I really want to try the "Star War View"
  9. Today just flashed my DVD-RW Asus DRW-1608P3S into Pioneer DVR-111L, Which support labelflash now. So, anyone knows the software can supported Labelflash, thanks at all first. BTW:Don't tell me "Disc Cover" which I just used and it doesn't work for me.
  10. Do not need reinstall anymore the new "Volume Licencing" Serial is out.
  11. Bjartskular

    Is the true or false

    ******************* BTW: I don't know who can download it complete in 1 month....because of the speed
  12. OK...Got it re-working Use the pacifist manually reinstall all the package contained in the "Compressor.mpkg"
  13. just reinstall can't solve it seems like the problem of hacked 10.4.10 kernel
  14. We need a new serial no....The old can't be use anymore
  15. New Macbook Pro will have 4GB RAM SO-DIMM DDRII at most will 10.4.9 8Q1058 solve this problem?