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  1. Figured I'd add my 2 cents. Im running a corei7 with a ga-ex58-ud5 board following digital dreamers setup. 256mb 7900gs for graphics I had to remove the graphics card from the graphics directory from the X58 patcher. added my efi and hardware string to the NVKush file. I deleted all my geforce extensions and ran the install pack from the NVkush site. After that Quartz extreme was supported. In other cases the main thing is to delete all the extensions and run the drive install pack.
  2. I got it working all! If it doesn't boot its probably your video card, if you can't find the right kexts, try different video cards till it boots. it wouldn't go with a geforce 6800gs so i tried a geforce 7900 and it loaded up 10.5.7 perfect!
  3. Not sure if anyone can read this in the mess of messages. i followed the instruct over and over like 10 times. i have a ga-ex58-ud5 corsair 6gb 6800gs nvidia vid card 500gb hd 150gb hd i used kalway for the 150gb got everything booted in 10.5.2 then i used the digital dreamers ud5 patcher 2,3,4 on the patcher i install osx from the cd onto the 500gb combofix to 10.5.7 use 5, 7 on the patcher try to boot into osx on the 500gb and it hangs, i check and am stuck an the mdnsresponder. im thinking its because i never put in a kext for the video card but not sure. i think its a 256mb 6800 gs nvidia which works great in kalyway any ideas greatly appreciated.