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  1. Thanks, I actually managed to get this working just with Chameleon, by changing some combination of settings in the bios. Which settings though, I'm not sure. I spent about an hour of enable/disabling things and eventually it worked.
  2. Hi guys, I'm struggling with this, as when I get to the point where I open disk utility and pick a hdd to format, the only drive I see is the USB drive I'm installing from, and not the SATA3 SSD and SATA2 HDD's in the system. I'm completely unable to boot the usb drive using UEFI, as I get the following error: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" I'm guessing I'm not seeing any HDD's/SSD's because of the inability to boot using UEFI? Here's my specs: Gigabyte Z77-D3H (not sure which revision, it's brand new, arrived 2 days ago) running F18 bios Intel 3570K 3.4Ghz CPU 8GB Ram OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120GB Samsung 250GB HDD - Irrelevant to the install, only in to see if it was detected. I've also tried the latest chameleon package, with the same results. I had to delete AppleTyMCEDriver.kext to get past a kernel panic/exception on boot too. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks -g9
  3. Hi All, I know this is the Hackintosh forum, but I'm not sure where else to ask my question. I have a first edition, 1,1 Mac Pro, and my 8800GT died this evening. I'm currently running the original 7300 that came with it, just so I have a system up and running. I'd love to get a better graphics card in here - I have my eye on this XFX 6870 (http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-205-XF&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=1866) and would love OSX support for this, but from what I can tell I can't get this card to be supported in my older Mac Pro, even with flashing. What's the best way for me to get a better graphics card in this system, without paying the outrageous apple prices (again)? Alternatively, would I be able to use my 7300 in OSX, and have windows use the 6870? I'm only interested in using it for games in windows to be honest. Unfortunately it's looking like I may end up building a games PC, selling the Mac Pro and building a separate Hackintosh. Thanks all, -g9 PS. I'm still on Snow Leopard. I can make the jump to Lion if I absolutely have to. PPS. Will I need extra power cables?
  4. Hi all, I work at an apple store and found this thread as I needed to find a solution to the same problem as above; the keyboard refused to respond in the windows install on a MacBook Pro. The way I got around this problem was to plug a usb keyboard into the laptop and reboot to the windows CD using Startup Disk in System Preferences. This could have been a fluke, I don't know, but I thought i'd post incase it was some help to someone. I'm aware some people were having problems with iMac's/mini's, so perhaps the restart method was what was needed. I'd like to know if it works for anyone else so a valid solution could be documented. -g9
  5. Hi all, While installing leopard, i created a dmg of an ntfs partition. I had forgot, at the time, it was NTFS. The creation of the disk image took a long time, and disk utility showed something like: "Creating Image: 72 : 2" But it successfully created this disk image. It managed to reduce 30gb down to 500mb...(i didn't know this at the time) I don't recall selecting compressed, I'm certain i chose read/write and it just did its own thing. Anyhow, now I can't access ANYTHING on the image. I've tried converting it to other image types (read - read/write - sparse, etc) and had no luck. I even tried manually DDing it back to the hdd, with no success. Though when I convert the image to another type, it does restore it to its original size. When trying to mount, disk utility says "no mountable file systems", and when trying to restore I get "unable to make connection to helper tool". I'm close to giving up, but this image has all my coding work from the last several years on it and i can't bear to lose it. Anyhelp would be appreciated, g9 PS - I apologise for duplicating this post, i put it somewhere it was unlikely to get any notice.
  6. Hi all, The other day I was attempting to reorganise my hdd partitions, so i created a disk image of an ntfs partition (forgetting it was ntfs at the time). Disk utitlity then took about an hour to shrink the chosen partition from 30gb (on a part of 213gb) to around 500mb... Mightly impressed I continued to reorganise Now I come to restore the .dmg I get errors using disk utility. The errors are: "No mountable file systems" when mounting, and "Unable to make connection to helper tool" when trying to restore... I've tried using GetDataBack NTFS in windows and tried opening the .dmg in windows (using daemon tools). I've tried converting the .dmg to uncompressed read/write and cdr and various other types in an attempt to get at the data, get the same errors as before. As a last resort i'm now dd'ing a converted read/write dmg to the drive, but dont have high hopes of success... Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. -g9
  7. iPod?

    Your best option is to put iTunes into manual mode, and then its simply a case of dragging the songs you want over (within itunes). Simply select your ipod in itunes and tick the relevant checkboxes to put it into manual mode. Unfortunately yes, you need to use iTunes to use your iPod.
  8. This is probably in the wrong forum but i'm not sure where else to put it. Basically, I bought a Mac Pro, 2.66 with the 7300 GT and I love it to death but i'm slightly worried that in the future not many gfx cards are going to be made specifically for the mac, so my question is: Can I buy, say, a stock X1950 and somehow flash it to work in my mac? I know I can buy apple made x1900's and such, but I'm specifically asking about cards NOT made by apple. I also don't care what its recognised as in OSX, as long as windows can run it...guess what, I like my games... Thanks for any help, -g9