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  1. i officially have no idea why my hp mini won't get wifi =( I've tried updating the kext and even different sources of the iatkos image. Does anyone have any other ideas? This is frustrating.
  2. yups! thats correct! I uninstalled the wifi ktext and reinstalled it and it still doesnt work >.<
  3. Hey aboshi neither airport nor LAN is working and I also discovered today that the camera is not in operation. I'm going to try deleting the kext and reinstalling it when I gt bk home Btw me and mike both have the up 110-1030NR model
  4. any luck pulling that ktext? I haven't been able to find it myself =/
  5. Sweet man I was thinking that dimly rejnstaling the ktext would solve the problem.
  6. Aboshi! So ironic because I was in the middle of the procedure when I saw u link to that thread. The solution unfortunately doesn't work for me. Did it work for you Mike? The install for the sh went very smoothly though terminal but nothing is changed after the Install.
  7. I have the 1030 it shouldn't have a differnt wireless card. I've also tried holdin the slider no luck
  8. os x is just no good without internet! The toggle seems to be on and lit blue also.
  9. Thanks a million for the tutorial I followed it step by step and everything works wonderully. The only problem is that wifi is still not working. Is there a fix? Did I miss a crucial step? I made sure to click on the broadcom option during the install.