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  1. Hi I've also successfully installed S3 v2 on my PI-3540, unfortunately I allowed an update which screwed the install so I'm doing it again, when I manage to find the correct combination of settings (takes a bit of trial and error as I dodn't note them last time) I'll post them ;o)
  2. usb not working after 10.6.5 update Beta

    Thnx man, nice easy fix worked for me =OD
  3. I have exactly same issue; RT1000 driver worked in 10.5 but not in snow...?
  4. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    How exactly do you mean 'recognised'? Does it appear in system profile somewhere?
  5. Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN driver is available?

    Can ayone confirm or deny this yet? All searches I've done indicate WiFi is "802.11n Airport Extreme ExpressCard" but can't find any indication of the chipset used..?
  6. I can sympathise (a little) with accusations from the OSX86 community that Psystar is profiting from it's open source technologies, however, this claim that they are 'stealing' OSX is rediculous. OF COURSE Psystar pay for OSX, the dispute between them and apple is not about copyright theft but simply breaching the EULA condition binding OSX to 'Apple braned hardware'. I personally think a tide is turning against apple in the US, they are under federal scrutiny because of questionable links with Google's board and even more questionable actions aganst apps such as Google Voice in the App Store. There is a very good chance IMO that this current case with Psystar will be viewed by the federal government and US courts as an opportunity to crack open Apples protectionist licensing and force them to change the way they attempt to tie up their hardware / software so tightly in highly questionable IP licensing. As has already been suggested in this thread, it's then only a short step to them getting similarly hammered in Brussels who are far less tollerant of 'anti-competative' business practices. There's no smoke without fire, and over the last few years Apple have lit a bloody great furnace beneath themselves with their dispicable licensing and business practices. As for comparing Apple and MS, oh how the tide has turned! Whereas MS used to inspire such loathing and the most outspoken rallied around 'tiny little Apple', now a cursory comparison of MS and Apples businesses reveals MS as the often victimised but generally straight business, while Apple are seen to be the TRUE EVIL company, even claiming that millions of iPhone owners are criminals rather than customers, and using manufacturing plants in China / Tiwan who intimidate, beat and even murder their staff! Although Bill Gates is no longer at the MS healm, it's still interesting and valid to compare him and Steve Jobs in terms of how the companies respective fortunes are being spent... While the philanthropic activities of Bill and Melinda Gates (and indeed the current MS corporation) are astronomical, with literally billions of dollars going to some of the most worthy causes, Steve Jobs is more renouned for TURNING DOWN requests from similar good causes and generally being a TIGHT ARSED {censored}! 'nuf said fLaMePr0oF <><
  7. Can't boot from hard drive

    Download iATKOS v7, burn, boot with disk, and install Chameleon v2 from the utilities menu, this should be able to boot your install. Edit: If this doesn't get your current install to boot, just run through the full install from the iATKOS DVD to get a working 10.5.7 installation.
  8. Triple Boot

    Make a partition and install OSX86 onto it, then use win7 or Vista install disk to repair the BCD (CMD > Diskpart > Select Disk 0 > Select Partition x [x = main windows partition] > active > exit > bootrec /rebuildbcd > Y [enter] > exit and reboot) Should boot straight into windows; install and run EasyBCD (free d/load) and simply add entries for the other windows installation and OSX (as 'generic x86PC' NOT 'iMac/Macbook') and save. This should go off withut a hitch, however, if anything appears to go wrong (e.g. can't boot), don't panic! boot records etc can always be repaired, just make sure to google / ask for help ;o) Peace fLaMePr0oF
  9. After much trial, error, and general hair pulling I've managed to install Leopard 10.5.7 (iATKOS v7) on my Fujitsu PI-3540 and get everything working OOTB except internal WiFi and Webcam, YAY!!! Here's the customisation settings I made:- (Only changes noted, everything else left at default) X86 Patches > Kernel > 9.7.0 Kernel Voodoo Drivers > VGA > NVIDIA > Enablers > NVEnabler v0.1 System > SATA / IDE > AHCI driver ........... > Intel SpeedStep > Speedstep Driver ...................................... > Throttling Driver ........... > PS2 Mouse / Keyboard > Voodoo PS2 with Trackpad Plugin ........... > Laptop Battery driver ........... > Network > Wired > Realtek > Realtek RT1000 driver That's it! I should note that getting hardware acceleration on the GeForce 9300M GS adapter to work fully took the longest - however, NVEnabler is able to get this up and running trouble free from install, (I used OSX86 Tools to enable Quartz GL). Anyone struggling to get this or similar VGA adapters to work should try NVEnabler at install before anything else. I installed Realtek RT2500 (USB WiFi) package post-install and this enabled both my Belkin F5D7050B v3 and Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54 WiFi adapters to work perfectly =O) (Both use a Realtek RT2571 chip) Haven't even tried to get the webcam to work yet as I never use it, but EVERYTHING else is running 100% and trouble free I have the system dual-booting with Win 7 x64 Build 7232 but I can honestly say I've not used windoze at all since getting OSX up and running! fLaMePr0oF 12/08/09: Have just used OSX Software Update to install 10.5.8 with no issues whatsoever