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  1. Hey, whats the best notebook to install 10.6.4 or 10.6.5? Is there a "best" one, like the Mini 10v? So where i dont need much kexts to run everthing probably. Not the best netbook btw! Thanks! -SuR
  2. SuR

    GeForce 200 series support

    cause of the upcoming 10.5.8 (next week, i hope)
  3. SuR

    GeForce 200 series support

    Somebody knows who to activate quartz extreme and all the stuff so I can use it as normal? Pic: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=sdfqk5w.tiff thanks
  4. sorry... dachte das wäre ein grundlegendes prob! also: cpu: amd 9950 quad mainboard: jw 790gx extreme (auf der basis von einem 790gx dfi) graka: gtx280 ram: 4gig 800mhz liegts an den (noch nicht guten) treibern für die gtx2xx reihe? gruss EDIT/// sw: ja ähh das dashboard halt...alles nicht wirklich ruckelfrei
  5. Hey, wie kann man da ein bisschen Leistung rausholen, selbst die Bildschirmschoner ruckeln. Oder das Dock! Gruss
  6. Current OS X Version: 10.5.7 Desktop/Laptop? - Desktop Prebuilt? - N Install Methods summary: iAtkos 10.5.7 Does EFI and/or the Vanilla kernel work? used 9.5.0 Voodoo kernel Motherboard Manufacturer: J & W Motherboard Model: 790GX-Extreme Chipset: AMD 790GX BIOS Version: , Revision: unknown BIOS setup options: default (installed at AHCI) Audio: ALC888 - choosed Azalia cause Voodoo sounded VERY bad!!! Now its nice LAN: Marvell Yukon 88E8056 SATA & IDE: choosed VIA and ATI Processor Processor Model: AMD Phenom 9950 Speed: 2.6Ghz Recognized as what in System Profiler: 9950 Video Card What type of card : PCI Express NVIDIA/ATI/Intel? NVidia Model: 280GTX Memory: 1024Mb Board Manufacturer: XFX Patches used: had to choose every patch with a 2xxGTX in it QE/CI: not tested yet All resolutions available? No! 1024x768 doesnt, had to erase the Windowserver!
  7. SuR

    VoodooHDA error

    hey, got some probs with this driver...how can i disable it and use another one like azalia?
  8. Okay, lil problem, when the manager checked all the files it should load the video for the first boot. but at my pc it just hangs and the monitor goes stand by. i think this video is making some probs. (@ last it says: starting) any help?
  9. Mainboard: JW 790GX Extreme CPU: 9950 AMD Ram: 4gig Graka: 1gig, gtx280 bios: ami http://www.jwele.com/UserFiles/download/JW...IOS%20V1.03.rar
  10. hey, iam proud of booting it ok, i have installed it properly (every driver) and after booting it with Cham. v2 it is booting. it boots (1. the "matrix" ver fast driver loading, 2. the "normal" like the cd booting, 3. a new one, very fast i mentioned audio and ethernet driver loadings.) after that my monitor goes stand-by. the hdd is loading a bit (half a minute). i dont think its the graphic driver/card. (gt200 and iAtkos v7) it could be something with my usb port. my mainboard is a jw 790gx extreme its a modded gigabyte with better solid capters...better oc in windows ram: crucial ballistix tracer 4gig cpu: amd 9950 hope sb could help me!
  11. yes, as my topic title says, is it possible to install it on one machine but boot it on another? the drivers and so on would be choosen for second system. greets
  12. SuR

    DVD error

    Hello, i downloaded ideneb cause my chipset was not available in ipc.After booting i can select a language. Sometimes, I can install (then it hangs), but mostly it depends on telling me the disc is dirty! What shall I do? Is burning at 2,4x too fast? sorry for my bad english!
  13. SuR

    DVD verschmutzt?

    yap....bei 1x speed kann ich es garnicht erst booten ich probiers nochmal mit 2,4x.
  14. Hallo, ich habe mir neulich iDeneb geholt, da mein Chipsatz von iPC nicht unterstützt wird. Nach dem Booten komme ich zur Sprachauswahl. Hin und wieder geht es da weiter und ich komme zum Installieren, aber meist hängt er sich da auf um mir zu sagen, die Disk sei verdreckt! Was soll ich tun? Installieren kann ich es nicht, hängt immer wieder. Liegt es am Brennen (2,4x)?