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  1. didn't work, for me at least :/
  2. same for me, i was able to do what he said in the thread but still nothing...
  3. same thing here... i found a video on youtube but the text is too small to read... any suggestions? everything else seems to be working great.
  4. so i've got it up... is there a trick to get the wireless working?
  5. I managed to get it working. For whatever reason, from Windows 7, using the method of formatting it and then using dmacc, I wasn't able to create a bootable USB. So I used these steps http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=144478 And it's working now, so hopefully anyone else having this problem finds this helpful. And @Zach Berger, thanks for your tip to boot the DVD on another computer and look at the tab/space combos, that helped me greatly.
  6. i redownloaded it and it still wont boot... now, if i dont get the hfs+ error, i just get nothing...
  7. I did and I saw the question brought up but not an asnwer, maybe I missed it, I apologize. I have a HP Mini 110. I followed the directions exactly, putting iATKOS v7 on a flash drive, and first I had the HFS+ partition error many times, then one time it worked (but I don't know why...) When it did finally work, I couldn't click next. So I used the same Flash Drive, reformatted it and used it to put Windows 7 on the machine because I didn't have time to keep messing around with it. Now, I can't seem to get past the HFS+ partition error again. I'm like going around in circles... any help would be much appreciated. I currently have Win 7 on the netbook, and Win 7 on a desktop, so that's what I have at my disposal in terms of getting OSX on the Mini.
  8. I can't see the "Continue" or "Next" or whatever it should say buttons because of the resolution, to procede with the installation, what can I do to continue?