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  1. ZFG

    Snow Leopard on Gigabyte P55-UD2

    "I've heard a lot of references to 10.6.2 support of the P55 chipset being referred to as support for i5 processors. Does this mean that I can only use an i5, or does it mean that it supports the P55 chipset, and I can use an i7 that fits into my P55 motherboard?" -- No this does not mean you are forced to only use an i5. it means it supports P55. And yes, you can use an i7 chip. -- On Lifehacker.com, there is a tutorial for installing SL, and one of the final steps involves downloading the Kext Utility. What exactly does that do, and how exactly does it work? -- This utility helps you install drivers for your system. A kext file is the same as drivers in Windows. Some kexts is needed for the system to be stable. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi, I´m thinking of getting a G5 case, and I was wondering on where to get it in Norway or in Scandinavia.
  3. Ok guys, I have recently put together a list of Hardware I might buy for my Hackintosh. These are the "specs" for the Hackintosh. I was wondering if all this is compatible with OSx86?
  4. ZFG

    OS X 10.5 wont start up...

    Bump again! I installed it again with a little bit more luck I think, when it gets to the Grey apple screen, an error icon appears on top of it. EDIT: like this one: http://www.majotphotography.com/TestingGro....5/DSC_4170.JPG
  5. ZFG

    OS X 10.5 wont start up...

    Bump, I reinstalled (again). I removed the firewire and it seems to be working good. though, when I try to start up to the desktop, it goes to sleep. I do get to the Grey apple screen where the little spinning wheel thing is and then, bam! Sleep, no way to wake it up. The screen looses it's signal to the HDMI.
  6. ZFG

    OS X 10.5 wont start up...

    Here is something better... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QS5SA33K
  7. ZFG

    OS X 10.5 wont start up...

    Ok forget about that, I reinstalled it but, when I start it freeze at the gray apple screen. Why?
  8. I just successfully installed OS X iDeneb onto one of my partitions, though when I try to start up OS X I get the apple logo screen for just a second and then the computer restarts. Any idea why?
  9. Forget about what I said, I managed to install iDeneb but, when I try to get to the desktop it gives me the same error. Any idea why?
  10. ok, so I want to install Kalyway on my PC. Here it goes: I insert the DVD into the DVD drive and begins the OSX installation. The Darwin OSX86 thingy stays on for a few minutes, then the Apple shows in less than a second, the computer restarts. Why is it happening?