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  1. hey sorry to bring back an old topic, but if you dont have Pacifist (i.e. dont want to pay $20), you can use HFSExplorer (http://hem.bredband.net/catacombae/hfsx.html) under windows. basically it lets you browse any HFS+ partition (read-only) through windows, but it also can browse the contents of a dmg and extract files.
  2. i'm having this problem as well... i had the same thought; i disabled all virtual drives but itunes still doesn't recognize my burner. anyone else know anything about this?
  3. xsbs52x

    [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    i have a dell wireless 1505 (its got support for wireless n) that isn't working (running 10.4.6). i know that some older models of dell wireless cards are supported as-is in osx... is there any way i could alter a driver for one of those to run my current card? luckily my ethernet card works just fine though
  4. i posted in this thread in the hardware forum but... im having the exact same problem os x v10.4.6 intel D845WN mobo P4 1.6Ghz SSE2 on-board audio (not sure if its soundmax or not)
  5. all i found from intel was an updated INF to fix the problem. my guess is there is a simple setting in the kext that can be changed, although i have no idea how to do that. interestingly, if you go into the system profiler, under dependencies for AppleAC97Audio, there is a dependencies error. im not really sure what that means, but i tried to repair permission as recommended in another thread (although that person had no audio whatsoever), but it had no effect. if i find anything ill post it here.
  6. thanks for the reply. unfortunately it didnt help me, either. i changed to 41000 and rebooted, and it still plays way too fast. interestingly, i have encountered this problem a few years ago with some dell computers at my school. obviously they were running under windows, though. a simple patch from intel fixed it. lemme see if i can locate the info page on that patch from intel, maybe it can give us a clue as to what is causing this.
  7. i am having the same problem. i also have an intel motherboard, although i cannot remember the exact model (im almost positive it was D845 something). my onboard sound is simply listed as AC'97 from the device manager in windows. my AppleAC97Audio.kext is 312KB, version 1.0.0 im running os x v10.4.6, a fresh install on its own hdd. where exactly were you able to change your sample rate formats? i cant find the option in audio prefs.