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  1. Has anybody had any luck using the Voodoo kernel instead?
  2. I have the exact same problem. I haven't found a solution, but try this. Boot in verbose mode (-v) and then shut down. You'll be able to see what the kernel is doing as the PC shuts down. If your PC is like mine, it'll probably display a message along the lines of "CPU halted, it is now safe to turn off your computer" In short, your computer is completely shut down in the sense of all hardware functions have stopped. However, for some reason, the kernel doesn't know how to turn the PC off. So, after you see that message, you can turn off the PC by holding down the power button.
  3. Josh Minzner

    10.5.8 is out?

    I'm on AMD and I was able to update with only a few steps. 1. Use AMD patcher to patch update 2. Reinstall Voodoo Kernel 9.5 from iPC 10.5.6 3. Reinstall 10.5.5 version of seatbelt.kext 4. Reinstall audio driver 5. Reinstall Chameleon 2.0 RC2 I'm pleased to be running 10.5.8 on its first day of release!
  4. Josh Minzner

    ATI ATA Controller (PATA/SATA)

    I can't find any AppleGenericPCATA or AppleOnboardPCATA kexts in my extensions folder. I deleted AppleVIAATA. Is there any reason why I can't find the others?
  5. Josh Minzner

    (GUIDE) 780G Chipset (SB700) support .kexts

    I'm trying to get my Hackintosh up and running right now. I'm having the exact same problem you just described. However, I am using a version of LawlessPPC (with injected SB700 drivers.) Installer does not see my HDD when in native IDE mode, it does when in AHCI. However, when trying to boot in AHCI mode, I get the still waiting for root device error. I managed to install on an IDE drive but, like you said, It was painfully slow. Have you managed to get your rig working yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. really sorry. Didn't see this before. What do you mean by changing to 15.5.5? And when you say you changed to AppleATIATA.kext, did you have to inject that driver into your ISO, or did you select it when installing. Did you ever get the installer to see your SATA drive, or did you just fix the speed issues on your IDE? Thanks.