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  1. Oblivion 100% Playble

    Hey Everyone, I am fairly new to these forums but i am not new to modding. This is the first time I have tried modding on a mac and am slightly upset that i cant figure this out. Oblivion is my favorite game and this is the strongest computer i have ever owned allowing me to finnally run it. Thank you to all who posted the oblivion.ini fixes as they have helped me very much. However i am still stuch with a dillema. Oblivion doesnt recognze that my mods exist. I know for a fact that i have all of the .esp/.esm's in the correct place as well as their related files because all the mods i have (very few) that use meshes and textures without needing a .esp or a .esm are working fine. I do not have parallels but instead have VMware so i have slightly different file paths. I have tried sonicjams idea but cant get it to work but i think the fault lies with me rather than his idea. My oblivion data is located here: Oblivion GOTY.app/Content/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data I have narrowed it down to three possible reasons why i am having issues with making his idea work. 1. I have the Plugins.txt and DLCList.txt in the wrong location. They are located in: Oblivion GOTY.app/Content/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Documents and Settings/User/Local Settings/Application Data/Oblivion The only two things in this particular file titled oblivion are the plugins.txt and DLCList.txt and nothing else. 2. I have written either of the two text files incorrectly. DLCList.text reads as : Plugins.text reads as : In the actual text there is a space between the notification and the mods and a space inbetween al lof the mods. 3. The error lies in that i have to start a new game for it to read the mods instead of loading the save files i currently have. (I have two at the prison sewer exit for testing purposes) The reason being that the other two games have already compiled data and wont load any changes. I have found an alternate way to loading the mods but i cant continue because of a strange occurance. I have downloaded Wirebash and it is running perfectly as it allowed me to sort and make sure all the mods were working but i need a save file to load those mods to. For some strange reason the save files i made in oblivion are missing from the universe until i boot it up and load the saves in game. I have concluded from this that you cannot access save games outside of the application because they are stored directlyi in the application. I could very well be wrong and it would please me to no end to be proven so but i have searched everywhere. If any of you can help me with this issue of mine I would be very grateful