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  1. Here is the screenshot (sorry for the quality) of my "try-to-boot-mac-osx" on my other machine (P4 3.2 Ghz - 512 Mo) with the same hard disk (30 gb). I know I installed AMD Mac OSX version, but I wanted to try, and it is "waiting for root volume" for long (not show on photo, but wrote "Still waiting for root volume" each 2 minutes). Doesn't work either, but should try to install an Intel version on this machine. Thank you asap18, but... I didn't understand everything (shame on me...) Should I try to download 10.4.6 AMD Myzar version ? I got my ISO on Adonias blog (http://blog.adonias.cl/leer.php?id=73) which is named "MaC.OsX.10.4.5.AMD_SSE2.iso", but there is not an Author name nor any 10.4.6 version. Is "Jas" is the author of another version of MacOSX for x86 ? I found the patch here (http://blog.adonias.cl/archivos/File/Maxxuss_Patch_Solution_v1.0a_1045.rar) and will try to install them tomorrow. Have a good night and thanks for your answers.
  2. Some news... I tried disabling RAID and SATA 1 and 2 ports (so my 2x250 Gb disappear from boot sequence) at my own risk : one good and one bad news : The bad : MacOSX still doesn't want to boot native on my IDE harddrive The good : my RAID chain is still alive and healthy ! I know it doesn't come from my RAID harddrives now, so where does it come from ? I've looked for Maxxus patch 1.0a in google, can't find anything. I've looked for 10.4.6 AMD in torrent, can't find anything... Please help ! (and thanks to those who already answer)... I'm very close to decide to buy a real Mac in next days...
  3. Here is my hard drives config : 2x250 Gb RAID-0 SATA (nForce 4, WinXP) 1x250 Gb SATA (nForce 4, Docs) 1x30 Gb IDE (MacOSX) I'm affraid disabling or unplugging my 2x250 RAID-0 because I don't want to break or loose my RAID chain health. I think it comes from RAID SATA drives, but someone can confirm I can unplug them without loosing my RAID chain ? Is it possible to find any update to apply path v1.0a and 10.4.6 or do I have to download entire MacOSX iso and reinstall it ?
  4. here it is : and here is the log when launched in VMWare : is it enough ?
  5. sorry for posting there. I wasn't sure where to post... Any answer ?
  6. Hello everybody, I've installed Mac OSX via Vmware (based on Adonias blog - http://blog.adonias.cl/leer.php?id=78&Lang=EN) with osx86_10.4.5_amd-intel_sse2-3.iso on a clean 30Gb Hard drive (my Windows XP is on two other 250 gb drives with RAID-0, but are disconnected while booting Mac OSX). Mac OSX is perfectly working in VMWare, but when I boot on the 30Gb Hard drive, it doesn't go on. Here is the error : My config is : AMD Athlon X2 3800+ not overclocked, GeForce 7800 GT Pci-express, 2x512 DDR ram, HD 30gb IDE. Big thank you for who will help me !