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  1. Hi everybody, This is my first time posting, but I've used this forum quite a bit over the last two years in getting several hackintoshes up and running successfully. Recently (after one two many pints perhaps) I decided to try an out-of-the-box upgrade to the newest version of SL. Oops. I managed to get everything working again up to the point of login. System info: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R mobo Intel i7 920 2.67ghz quad core 8GB ram NVidia GeForce 9800 GT Chameleon bootloader Here's my issue: Once I reach the login screen, I am able to enter my password. However, after beginning the login process, one monitor displays the correct wallpaper, while the other (on the left) displays a very low-res version (640x480 or so?). Soon after that, I get a screen which is apparently the login screen again, and while the resolution itself seems correct, there are squares of probably 150x150 px of the display scattered around the screen. Close up showing login form: It looks like one of those photo tile puzzles where you have to slide the tiles around. IF I try to login again from this screen, it does the same weird low-res display: but then returns to the login screen - this time, with the correct resolution. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. O HAI, So, I had the same issue when installing iDeneb v.1.3 on my 110. What you have to do is from this screen, after running the partition, click on the welcome text and hit tab twice, then space bar. This effectively tabs to the 'continue' button, which is hidden because the screen is too small to show the whole thing. This will then take you to a screen to accept the T&C, but you should be able to see the button to accept. Next, it'll ask you to select the drive to install on - but uh oh, the buttons are gone again! No worries - just click on the HD it needs to install to, then hit tab THREE times, followed by the space bar. The first tab should highlight the drive you just selected, and the next two are to cycle to the 'next' button. PLEASE NOTE: If you're using USB to install, it may show that drive as an option as well. If it does, you'll probably need to hit tab FOUR times in order to get it to the 'proceed' button. If it messes up, it'll go back to the previous screen. Experiment a little with the number of tabs you need to press, it'll work eventually. Now finally it says 'ready to install' or something like that. From here you MUST press tab three times, followed by the space bar, in order to get to the customization screen. If you don't, your install will failt. Once you check all the stuff required, it'll take you back to this screen, where you should then press tab twice and then the space bar. Et voila, installation should proceed normally! I'm very interested in hearing how iATKOS runs for you, since iDeneb wouldn't let me ugrade to 10.5.7, and with 10.5.5 my battery life is absolutely horrendous. Thanks! -pl