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  1. Can anyone please post the Disk Utility app from Yosemite public beta here. My efi got corrupted after windows updated and so did the disk utility app. I cannot create an efi partition without it. After updating via app store, the Yosemite installer deletes the yosemite installation app from your system. Just hought I would let people know in case this happens to them.
  2. Yuup now if only Reinstall OSX would work like a real mac.
  3. It happens if your Applehda is not configured properly. Maybe verbs data is not right.
  4. Yosemite Open Beta

    I just upgraded to yosemite beta from 10.9.4. Just updated via app store. Of course I am using clover. created a 10.10 folder in efi/clover/kexts and added fakesmc and other needed kexts to it. Worked wonderfully! Updated from 10.9.4 to Yosemite beta using clover. Just restart and you will find "install osx" drive just like a normal clover installation drive. I installed it directly from app store on my dv6 and it worked. Although now that install osx drive entry still exists in Clover. i need to get rid off that. Oh and I created a 10.10 folder in efi and copied fakesmc to it. No need for nullcpumanagement for me as I am using that patch and the lapic patch from within clover. Also set the kext-devmode flag in clover before updating. Sleep failed the first time but it worked every single time after that. Had to install ApplehdaIDT dummy kext once again. Don't know why but I have a feeling the first boot up didn't have proper kernel caches. Same problem but no KP's whatsoever. Btw, where is that 5 gb install file. I cannot find its download location. Its not n my Applications folder either.
  5. I just upgraded to yosemite beta from 10.9.4. Just updated via app store. Of course I am using clover. created a 10.10 folder in efi/clover/kexts and added fakesmc and other needed kexts to it. Worked wonderfully!
  6. Screenshots of 10.10

    haha lol. While MS is copying apple, it looks like Apple's dark mode is an ode to Ubuntu.
  7. Luckily man am still alive Just got back from the hospital. Will post screenshots in a day or two.
  8. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/277042-amd-radeon-hd-6650m-graphics-enabler-dsdt-hdmi-audio-acer-aspire-7750g-2674g50mnkk-gradients-fixed/ Try this thread. The very second line has instructions on how to extraact your VBIOS .... jsut download the VBIO.zip and watch the video. If that doesn't work.... search that thread for the rom corresponding to your card. Thats what I did and it should work.
  9. No wonder. Does your laptop work without connecting the external display? You first have to create the kext for the internal display since we want both graphics to be detected on your laptop first. Try booting in without the External display. Next, the first screenshot you posted is the one you want. HP laptops usually use displays with vendor id "daf" so select that first. Then select "Macbook pro display" from the drop down list and finally for Display class select "Applebacklight display" then create the kext and follow the last steps above. This should detect both your graphics. And yes you need to put ATI rom file in EFI/clover/rom folder. then select the ati stuff as per my screenshots above in clover configurator. Edit: I just realised that I hae not attache screenshots for Clover configrator settings for this purpose. Will do it when I get home.
  10. Try creating edid file with discrete graphics, then follow the other steps and let me know what happens. Post some screenshots after you try it. Did you put your rom file in /EFI/Clover/Rom ?
  11. Thats Funny. Enable switchable graphics in your bios and try it out. Also attach your clover config.plist file here Iwill have a look at it.
  12. Clover General discussion

    I had the same problem. But my system is pure BIOS. So I followed @pene 's advice and installed Windows using Clover itself. No more problems. It even refreshes and resets the windows system perfectly.
  13. Try this. First delete the mergedisplaynub.kext ....rebuild caches and reboot. Now run Darwin Dumper. It will give you a clean dump. In my case after a clean boot (rebuild caches) it gave me 2 EDID files. But both had exactly the same data as in both cases the internal LVDS display was used. After that i used FixEDID to get the proper kext and then it started working. Try it out and if it doesn't work ...post some screenshots like the ones I have above. Your EDID txt file should be 1kb and the hex file should be around 128 bytes. You need the hex file for fix edid. I will attach a screenshot of Fixedid options needed to be selected. Yup, I hope this leads to something promising. Here you go. http://www.sendspace.com/file/8fz4ci (EFI Folder) Try it out. Following the above steps are the only way we can know for sure. DisplayMergeNub.kext.zip
  14. Hi guys, I have attached my screenshot of my Wifi Whitelist here. I can only these wifi cards. I am currently using CLOVER efi as my boot loader. I was wondering that, lets say, I use one of the cards mentioned in the title of this thread as a replacement to my current intel centrino 1030n, can I get it to work using the fake-id within clover? I managed to even spoof my intel card into being recognised as a broadcom card but of course it won't work because there are no drivers for intel cards. However in case of broadcom tthere is support. Can I spoof a 4727 to work as a 4233 or other working bcm cards using clover? anyone with any insight on this, please help me out.