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  1. I'm the second guy with this problem (it happens with the 965P-DS3 motherboard).. when i plug in the usb, i can see verbose, but after 2 minutes of booting it just resets the computer.. I can't get to the installation..
  2. Can't reset or shutdown in iAtkos7. I can only see the desktop picture, but it hangs there. Help?
  3. I guess you should better try installing the drivers only first, to check out if it's working. I don't promise it'll work even with the drivers, but that's what I remember helping me.
  4. It means "still waiting for root device". I encountered it the first time I tried to install iAtkos7. I installed now with SATA/IDE Drivers and it works.
  5. Windows 7 Mac OS X Dual Boot

    I dual-booted using EasyBCD 2.0 (very important to use 2.0). Added the mac entry and it worked like a charm.
  6. Hackintosh running pretty slowly?

    I can't turn it off in BIOS. For some reason it's been like 2 weeks now (since installing Leopard probably) that i can't change Bios settings. It seems to be locked. Any other suggestions? I wanted to add some space to my Leopard partition, so I created a new 55gb partition via Acronis Disk Director Suite. I tried to make it Logical and Primary, FAT32 or NTFS but Disk Utility can't recognize it and Terminal doesn't list it...
  7. How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    I created a new partition, and it does not appear in Disk Utility so I can't erase it via Leopard (does not appear in Terminal disklist too =/ ).
  8. Hey guys! I dual-booted Windows Seven & Leopard, and my Leo drive has 50GB (Which is not enough of course...). Anyway, my hackintosh is running pretty slowly. I mean, it takes about 15 seconds and sometimes up to a minute to launch programs such as Firefox, iTunes and NeoOffice. This doesn't happen while using Windows. I have E6600 and 2GB Ram. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that my Leopard drive is only 50GB. (20 available) Anyway, I have 150GB in Win7, 50 on Leopard and 30GB unallocated (I can't merge it with Leopard =/. I can't even try the method in the sticky, since the unallocated space does not appear in Terminal). So, is there anything to do to solve it? Update: just thinking - does it have anything to do with the different versions? I'm using Leo4All v2. (I tried to install from iAtkos7 once but couldn't change my resolution on 8800GTX, and I tried a few more times to select different drivers).
  9. Can't I do it without LiveCD? Are there any other programs?
  10. Hi, I had a 230GB drive. I partitioned it via Disk Utility and installed Leopard on 40GB. Then I installed Windows 7 on the 190GB drive, downloaded EasyBCD 2 and it's working like a charm! Anyway, I now understand I want to extend my Mac partition (contains only 40GB) by taking some space from the Windows partition, and make sure everything works as it used to. Any special ways on how to do it without causing any damage?
  11. Hi, I have 7 installed and a C: Drive. I created a new partition using Disk Director Suite and installed leopard (leo4allv2) on it. However when I rebooted after the installation it just kept saying 'still waiting for root device..'. I couldn't even run windows again. Luckily I managed to get windows back with my drive. Any idea why that happend?
  12. Hi guys, I installed Leopard on my computer, everything worked fine and when i rebooted, for some reason my monitor was shut down, saying 'no signal from the computer'. Thanks in advance
  13. Leo4All 10.5.5 help

    Hi guys, I have windows Vista installed and I want to install Leo4All instead (no dual-boot). I want to do this because I had a BSOD yesterday after making a new partition in D: (my drives are C and D, 120gb each) and after the reset my D drive disappeared. Since there's no solution (everybody says I have to format) I decided to install only Mac. So I looked around the forums but there are too many guides and lots of them involve dual-booting. Help?
  14. Help - Installing OSX on Vista

    Can't I just format D: for instance (the drive without the Windows files on it), then run the Install disc of Mac and install it to D:?
  15. Hey guys, I've been reading a lot about dual booting Vista and OSX86, but I'm lost... too many articles and stuff. My question is - my PC is running Windows Vista, I have one HD which is divided to C: and D: (120GB each). Is there a possibility to install OS X on one of them, and running Vista as well as OSX86? Can I then uninstall Mac OSX if I want to stick with Vista, without having to format? Thanks in advance! I'm really into Macs lately, but I'm just a simple user and despite reading the FAQ and all I still can't really understand it.