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  1. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Hi, pjmiller435, Thanks for your work on this driver, i've installed it on a Lenovo n500 running iAtkos v7. I have not seen any changes, there's no new connection in the network syspref icon, no airport card either. If you can tell me where i can get details you need, please do! Thanks again, László
  2. GMA X4500

    Yes, it was a great idea! Thank you! And all of you who worked on the resolution fix, thanks everyone!
  3. GMA X4500

    Thanks for the instructions. Right now, i just got my mouse finnaly appear by growing it, it's not like i haven't tried this before, but now i was more brave and went for really big, and after approx half of the slider my mouse appeared. It's big as hell, but it is there:D When the cursor should change to hand or something else it disappeares again, but hey, its now usable. I'm gonna try your method anyway tomorrow if there's some hope of getting software mouse rendering. I'm using chameleon 2 bootloader (the nice one with the GUI), is it suitable too or i should revert to 1.0?
  4. GMA X4500

    I can't load it either, i ran the bash jut now with no selectors (simply dragged into terminal after sudo su), it created both kexts (one with FB at the end and one without), but i could not boot, just blue screen like you, then picture noise. After reboot in safe mode i deleted the one without the FB, then i could boot normally, even had native res. just no cursor. i'm gonna try now growing the cursor too.
  5. GMA X4500

    Not really, no. I can run the script without any options, or with -vrf, -rf, -r, i can't remember exatly, but i tried all variations, and even the non forced ones worked fine (at least the script said everything is ok) After reboot i had no messages saying anything about kext errors (i had some with the audio driver, but it was fixed after repairing permissions with osx86tools). Now that you showed us that corrupted cursor, i remembered that the very first time i ran the script, i could not get the system to boot up, i saw only noise(like on old tvs), and when booting into safe mode, i saw the corruption like yours instead of the mouse. I guess i just had a wrong devid passed with the f option, since i can run the script now any way i like, i alwasy have native res. after reboot, without any kext loading errors, Of course with no mouse pointer. I was trying to find something about running the mouse in software mode for a while now, with no success.
  6. GMA X4500

    I've attached the log, hopefully i did it right. Thank you for trying to help me, hope you can find something useful. Console_Messages.log.zip
  7. GMA X4500

    Sure i can. When? Now, with no patch run, or i should run it, and have some fun trying to hunt down the log with no mouse? That bios update idea is a good one. You think i should try it? Or without the double card config i't can't make a difference.
  8. GMA X4500

    My cursor disappeared on a Lenovo n500 after the native res. patch, so it looks like it's a lenovo feature:) Unfortunately, i have no extra video card to disable, so i'm still unable to apply the script. I did once today too, trying to reinstall voodoo ps2 driver at various stages (before patch, after patch before reboot, after reboot) without success. I'll probably look for a way to backup my system tomorrow, and try reinstalling the system with a customization which doesn't need the ps/2 driver, if it's even possible.
  9. GMA X4500

    Thank you for the idea, but neither of these files exist, i guess because i've already installed the package you attached (it's the same version, but if yours is modified somehow, i'll give it a try). I did not remove the two files you mentioned, so probably the installer removed them (i'm sure the first one was in the extension folder, i saw it), the second one(with the complicated path) i wasn't looking for, but they both don't exist now for sure. These three files are in the plugins folder where appleACPIps2Nub should be:AppleACPIButtons.kext, AppleACPIIEC.kext, and AppleACPIPCI.kext. So i don't have the appleps2controller.kext in the extensions folder, but (since i installed the voodoo package), there is a VoodooPS2controller.kext. The syspref panel works fine, but at launch it misses ApplePS2SynapticsTouchpad, then loads perfectly. I can modifiy a lot of things, but there are no references to hardware mouse. Even with this ps2 driver, the mouse disappeares after using the script and rebooting with native resolution, therefore i'm beginning to think it doesn't matter which ps2 driver i use, it could be more of a hardware mouse rendering issue with the x3100 driver, still, it's strange noone ever had this kind of problem before with that driver...
  10. GMA X4500

    Thank you, i've found it in the meantime, but there are nothing in the preferences panel about hardware mouse, or anything related.
  11. GMA X4500

    Wow, i didn't know that there should be one in the system preferences. I installed it from the iatkos v7 dvd, and there isn't such a panel. Any idea how make it appear? I cant find anything about leopard thinking about a second monitor in the displays panel in syspref. I ran the bash with -vr and it worked, but after reboot, no pointer. Can you tell me how to undo it? I thought -r will remove it, then i deleted the kext. This is what is should do?
  12. GMA X4500

    Well, installing apple's ps2 driver from iatkos v7 dvd didn't change anything, even though i can't find voodoo ps/2 kext in the extensions folder anymore, still, after using the script, the result is the same, native resolution working, but no pointer. I just heard about osx86tools for the first time, so i'm gonna play with it a little.
  13. GMA X4500

    I used the iAtkos v7 install as it was, without any additional kexts. It worked fine, only having some mouse pointer problems as you can read above. If by lspci working, you mean the script running without any -v or -f ****, then no, it says something about missing x4500 accelerator, and a few lines of missing methods. the only way i could get the script to do anything was with the -f selector. I couldnt find anythins useful in the plist files inside the voodoo kext, so i'm now reinstalling iAtkos with another ps/driver (i was missing audio, power management, even ethernet anyway), and see if it works.
  14. GMA X4500

    I am using a ps/2 driver (if i remember correctly it was called voodoo) for the keyboard and the trackpad, iatkos v7 needed it (without that it couldn'd find my keyboard), interestingly iatkos v5 didn't need it. I also use a usb wireless mouse, both of them are working correctly with you patch, but i can't see the pointer. I tried to remove the usb dongle, it didn't make a difference, the trakcpad worked but no pointer. Do you think it would make a diference to apply your patch while the dongle is not in any usb ports? Cos' it was plugged in when i applied the bash. Without the bash, both of them work fine (they work with the bash too, just no pointer on screen) I am thinking it has to do with hardware accelerated mouse, which is usually done by the vga card, so i was looking for a way to disable it and to revert to software mouse rendering, but i couldn't find anything. How can i see the system log you referred to?
  15. GMA X4500

    First of all let me say thank you for all of you guys trying to make our life easier. I tried the bash script on my Lenovo n500 with Intel 4500 MHD: -first, i did -vf 2a42 (this is the device id from system profiler) result: few seconds of normal blur welcome screen after clean reboot, then white/colored noise like on old tv-s. I tried to boot into safe mode with -x, which i was able to, but my mouse wasn't visible, i could move it, but not see it. I managed (after some mouse hunting) however to use the bash file with -rf 2a42, then i deleted the kext, and everything went back to "normal" even in normal boot mode. - secondly i used -rf 2a42, which made the native resolution in normal booting (no freezing in a white noised screen on boot) however, the mouse pointer is still not visible, making work a little tiresome:), but the screen worked in its glorious 1280*800 resolution. I removed it again and now the old res is back, but i have my mouse pointer. Just wanted to help you guys testing, thanks again for your hard work, and if you have a solution for the disappearing mouse pointer, please share:) Laci