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  1. I'm sorry for not responding sooner... Somehow I missed the notification... Anyhow, I'm running 6-8 VMs on this Host, including one OSX:
  2. Hi Donk, Sorry to hear that you are moving on, but I completely understand the churn of keeping this project up to date... Unfortunately I installed the github version before checking this page. The good news, is that everything seems to be fine (VMs are running). Hope you will find time to release the final Unlocker 2.0.9 for ESXi 6.5 FYI I'm using (uname -a): VMkernel esx 6.5.0 #1 SMP Release build-5969303 Jul 6 2017 21:22:25 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 ESXi
  3. Is it safe to update the 10.8.2 installation to 10.8.3 using the AppStore update?
  4. Went ahead and did it. Everything looks fine
  5. I just managed to download it after 20+ tries... I guess they are having some temporal infrastructure problems...
  6. I can't download from the original link as well... Can anyone please upload it to a different file hosting service?