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  1. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hi!, Thanks for posting, I am running snow leopard 10.6 right now, using lifehacker guide, but I have different graphics card, the same with your card Palit Nvidia GeForce 9400GT 1Gb DDR2 Super+1GB. I want this to enable QE/CE TO MY Hackintosh too. Can you share to me the methods & guide you have used if youare successful in your installation. Thanks
  2. Hi!, Following your guide, My ga-eg45m-ud2h is running snow leopard 10.6, now, including it's built-in LAN, my only problem is the sound, is anybody who can help me or give me some advice on what to do to have this system run with the sound. Thank you.
  3. Also can you give me the right path on where can I copy the files after I install bootthink, thanks
  4. Hi, Thanks for your advice, how can I download or found the smbios.kext since the file included is smbios.plist. Thabks again
  5. Hi, how do I found smbios.kext for this motherboard Gigabyte Ga-eg45m-ud2h, is there a difference between yhe . plist & .kext? thanks for your help. HI! WE HAVE THE SAME MOTHERBOARD AND GRAPHICS CARD , CAN YOU GIVE ME THE METHOD OR GUIDE YOU USE IF YOU HAVE THE SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION, THANKS HI! ABOUT THIS GUIDE Copy the Fakesmc.kext, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext and Openhaltrestart.kext to Bootthink> LibrarySL>x86>Extensions, IS THIS THE RIGHT PATH? Can you clarify because iafter the installation of bootthink there are only 2 folders 1.) Darwin 2.) Library there is no LibrarySL>x86>extentions. Please help>>
  6. Hi! I have this exact model of motherboard Gigabyte Ga-eg45m-ud2h and I am interested to install snow leopard 10.6 , Is it applicable if I will use the upgrade version or do I need to buy the retail full version of snow leopard 10.6. Thanks for your advices.
  7. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hi!, I tried all of your methods but I failed to make my graphics card to be QE supported, I have a Palit Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT graphics Card, 1GB(1024), I installed iAtkos 10.5.5 and I luckily updated it to 10.5.8 via software Update method, everything works fine,LAN, Audio, except the graphics to be Quartz Extreme supported, QuartzGL is Supported, Can anybody in this forum to post guides on how to make the QE be supported for this type of system, by the way I used Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2C, MOTHERBOARD, AND 4 GB RAM MEMORY. Thanks