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    Need Help Installing High Sierra

    This is the second time answering this question in a day, you need alpfs.efi in your Clover. It should be inserted in UEFIDrivers64. Also you need to set your GPU to PCI, and then use nv_disable=1 or press Space on the USB and select NVIDIA in VESA mode. After that boot in the same way and after you install the Web Drivers, you can boot normally. Good luck
  2. Nemorosus

    [Guide] Fujitsu Esprimo P710 (10.9.5 +)

    I even tried to make it work on 10.8.5, but no success. I've read that some people could make it work with injecting the name of HD4000 and IG Platform ID's, but again nothing. To some extent it looks like it (somewhat) works on High Sierra, but when it comes to the stage to boot up the login screen, only garbled Apple logo with the loading bar going over and over again, never reaching to the end. But yeah, if someone has an K'ed i5 or i7, the HD4000 is compatible.
  3. Note: This computer works with every version of OS X since (virtually) Snow Leopard, to High Sierra (and newer I presume, except if Apple makes drastic changes). Depending on your hardware configuration, you may need to change some settings and experiment more. My configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 3.4GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GT210 1GB (connected via HDMI) What works, what doesn't? Works: Native power management with TB, USB 3.0*, Ethernet*, parallel ports (natively)... Doesn't work: Intel HD2500. If you have i7 or another CPU with HD4000, you may get it to work. The options in BIOS are there, it's just I hadn't had any luck with the HD2500 and couldn't enable it (tried various ways). Note: I don't know if native audio works, as I own an USB audio interface and I use it without any problems. I presume you'll be able to get audio with AppleHDA patches or in last resort VoodooHDA. Let me just say that this is a relatively compatible computer. The motherboard is very good, with the exception of the PSU - you are limited to set of GPUs. Before I had the GT210, I had GTX1050 which worked wonderfully with High Sierra (latest version). But for my purposes, I needed Mavericks and hence the GPU downgrade. BIOS settings SATA mode to AHCI Disable VT-d Disable integrated GPU (if you have HD2500) Enable Execute Disable Bit Installation Guide Create an USB with DiskMakerX Install Clover on it (no special settings needed) Insert FakeSMC.kext into kexts/Other folder When booting, select all the CPU patches (including XCPM) If you have NVIDIA GT210, you'll need to disable the integrated GPU and only select 'Inject NVIDIA' in Graphics settings in Clover Viola Additional Kexts Ethernet - AppleIntelE1000e.kext USB 3.0 - GenericUSBXHCI.kext Some more screenshots:
  4. Hey there, it's not a Clover issue. You need to manually add apfs.efi to your drivers64UEFI folder in order for Clover to read the disk. Good luck.
  5. Toshiba L855-14J What works: CPU: Intel Core i7 3630QM 2.4Ghz / 3.2Ghz Turbo (Native Power Management with Turbo Supported) GPU: AMD Radeon 7670 Mobility with 2GB vRAM (Works with millions colors selected, if you select billions it will have weird color bug - use SwitchResX to do this)** RAM: 16GB 1600Mhz Storage: SSD + HDD on CD Tray Ethernet: Works with patched AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext (Included) Wi-Fi: Doesn't work. I use another card AR9285, patch is included for it in the DSDT. For other cards use the guides appropriate for them, even remove the DSDT if it makes a conflict for you. Use VoodooPS2 for the trackpad and mouse and for sound, I use an external interface (Scarlett Solo) so I didn't patch AppleHDA. VoodooHDA can be used, but it's not recommended. I haven't included anything about the sound unfortunately. Good luck. ** Full graphics capability, but for some reason I have flashing colors if I use billions of colors selected with any resolution. Prior to 10.12, with the same GPU configuration, I had full QE/CI without any color weirdness. For now the fix is to use SwitchResX to switch the monitor you're using from billions to millions of colors. I don't see any difference to be honest, but if I find a fix, I'll update the thread. Older versions of OS X? I have a previous thread open, since I started configuring my laptop. For older versions (pre 10.9) you can click here. Long time since then, now I'm running native power management and more tweaks that help me use this laptop like a native Apple machine. How-to Install? Use any Clover method available, patch it with my files if you have the same laptop, and viola. You're good to go trough the installation, and hopefully install and run it successfully. I don't have AMD GPU? If you have the same laptop, but don't have AMD then this patch won't work for you, as the patch file for activating the GPU is in the config.plist itself. You can remove it yourself if you know how to, and use it to run the CPU natively, otherwise you'll probably bootloop or see a black screen. Download patch: *Just replace your clover files with these and it should work :] L855 Clover Patch.zip
  6. Just to add something so others with the same problem can be aware, I used ALXEthernet for my AR8161, but it was kind of slow sending information. Download speed was okay, but there was a big delay and I suspected DNS problems but no. It seems that AtherosE22000Ethernet.kext fixes it.