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  1. snow (354) and iphoto 09

    ideas any one ??
  2. Hi to All i install snow the 354 build and the iphoto 09 slideshow dont work any more ... any idea ? re-installation of both snow and ilife ont give any results the same also the rebuild library of iphoto.... Thanks
  3. boot0: error

    install chameleon to hd....
  4. Hi to all after 3 months with self ip ... i resolved ... with usb wireless... linksys (wusb54gc) its perfect ...
  5. Hi same problems, here Asrock 4Core Vsta - Toh 10.5.1 RC2 with viarhine but also with the wireless card ... after a while self assign ... for Via and also wireless dies ... no solution until to reboot ( i tried also various values of MTU.... no hope ) but also i see it in real mac (imac 24 ) but 10 sec after reconects ... i dont now i just go to 10.4.8 by Jas everything works great .. will see for 10.5.2 ... cheers
  6. strange problem

    Hi i use the 4core dual with e6300 and i use the vmware (from xp) to install 10.4.8 amd final .. if iam correct you need also to mark the partition as active ... othewise ...
  7. 4CoreDual-VSTA

    Hi i run 10.4.8 pretty nicely with asrock - ati 1600pro (512mb AGP slot) and core 6300 and ddr 400- the best mobo for upgrade ...