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  1. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the info in this thread. I am a complete newbie to this and I had my hackintosh set up with everything working in under 3 hours. P5N7A-VM E8400 some 1066 corsair ram that was on sale for a REALLY good price (I got lucky, it's not on the QVL but it works) For the record, this is what ended up working: In the 10.5.6 iPC installer with drive attached to 1st rev white macbook: -9.4 kernel (the last one in the list) -nForce chipset driver -UInstaller -OSX86 Tools I used diabolik's new DSDT (linked in the first post), put it in the root dir of the drive and leave appleintelcpupowermanagement in place. from the UInstaller, still attached to the macbook: -essential kexts installed onto the HD -chameleon 1.0.12 -set correct resolution Then I attached the drive to one of the black SATA ports and booted into safe mode and create accounts and set up some more stuff. After booting into safe mode: I used UInstaller to install audio kexts from the Ufdah's guide, installed from the hackintosh AFTER the boot (it never worked if I installed it from the macbook) Then the dmg fix and "new" hard disk icon fix were installed from 10.5.6 iPC installer, ONLY these two fixes because I crashed when I tried to mount a dmg and I wanted the icon to look right. I then used OSX86 tools to fix permissions and fix kext permissions. Reboot machine in normal mode and everything worked. Sound took two reboots, but everything else worked on the first shot.