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  1. Hmm, my HDMI port no longer seems to work now... Scratch that, updated all the FakePCIID kexts and NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext too
  2. Well the latest security update 2018-001 caused all kinds of KP on boot, but updating Lilu.kext, AppleALC.kext and CoreDisplayFixup.kext seems to have gotten everything back up and running. Perhaps it's time to look into updating to High Sierra...
  3. check your SMBIOS/serial numbers in the config.plist
  4. Anyone know if the new (well 1st September) 1.4.0 BIOS released is safe to update to?
  5. If you have to patch IONVMeFamily, then I *think* you don't have a 4k sector NVMe. I found from a quick google that the LiteOn NVMe found in the 9350 didn't support 4k sectors, I don't know if yours is different. If so, it would explain the corruption, as sleep/hibernate/looking at your laptop in wrong way is known to cause corruption if you don't have a 4k sector NVMe, even with the patches. It definitely happened to me before I switched to 4k sectors on my Toshiba NVMe. Better support for NVMes is coming with the next version of Mac AFAIK.
  6. Does indeed sound like a corrupted drive. Just to confirm, have you switched your NVMe drive to 4k sectors?
  7. If it's anything like my TB2 eGPU, simply adding a 5-10 second timeout in clover at boot will allow macOS to load it 95+% of the time. (My thunderbolt tab says no drivers loaded regardless of whether it's operating or not.) I've got it set at 8 seconds for me, used to be 5 but that wasn't enough after switching to KNNSpeed's build. This does rely on macOS being the default selection in Clover. I'm not sure it works otherwise, feel free to experiment. You can but you'll need additional kexts/patches, and you'll have to be careful about sleep/hibernation. Read other/older 9550 & 9560 threads to figure out exactly what's needed.
  8. Keep the EFI partition (use a fresh CLOVER folder if you want a "clean" install) You could also probably reinstall from the Recovery HD if you wish. I've been using sleep today and haven't come across any BT/WiFi issues
  9. I've had this issue with Bluetooth once too. (Although I rarely use sleep so if it's related to that, I won't really notice) WiFi seems fine to me.
  10. No worries! My kexts+patches aren't the problem (believe me I've checked) It always connects at full speeds (the network stats say 865mbps etc.) , but if I start a network transfer or speedtest, it'll never reach full speeds (again only noticeable because I have a 200meg internet connection and 1gbit NAS on my network.) A simple script (simply toggles airport card twice on login) as as a workaround has sorted it, so I'm not too fussed to explore further. (I actually needed a similar script on my actual rMBP anyway, but that was for slightly different reasons) Had to hunt for it, but I've checked my Magic Mouse and it works perfectly fine with my DW1560. Same goes for bluetooth audio. Have you seated the antennae connections to your card properly? Do you experience this in any other OS (if you have any installed)
  11. What Bluetooth/WiFi card are you using?
  12. IIRC, it was always connected at full speed but for some reason never performed at that until I disabled+enabled it. Also link speed will also depend on your router's capability, settings, and signal quality. I'm currently connected at full speed 867mbps (for the DW1560)
  13. Something to note, with my DW1560 on Mac I have to disable/enable WiFi if I reboot to get full speeds. Although depending on your internet connection speed you might not notice, I have 200meg, something under 50 probably won't notice. (Don't have to do this on Ubuntu or Windows) I've just setup a script that does it for me at login.
  14. Updating the BIOS to 1.3.3 stopped LastBootedVolume working on Clover for me. Even before that, it was a little sketchy as to when it would update the last booted volume. (But at least it remembered one.)
  15. I think I tried that earlier and it showed 100% too, but I'll double check. EDIT: Yep, still showing 100%!