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  1. Hi, i'm running iATKOS v7 on my p6T-SE board. I've installed it on a 200gb IDE drive. I have 3 other SATA drives, and i cannot see them in OS X. Is there a fix or something i need to make them appear? I can only see my IDE 200gb where OS X is installed, labled Macintosh HD. Thanks.
  2. SnowOSX DVD Boot?

    My DVD drive is IDE, and my harddrive is SATA. I have nothing plugged in but those two devices. The DVD drive is master.
  3. SnowOSX DVD Boot?

    F8 does not do anything at all unlike the other leopard distros, maybe i must edit something in the ISO of SnowOSX?
  4. SnowOSX DVD Boot?

    I tried "9f", it still goes back to asking me for kernel flags, if i press enter, it goes to asking me for the boot device number. I's a never-ending loop. I want to boot from the SnowOSX dvd, not the retail. I've seen my other distro's of Leopard that i've got, and tey just simply boot up fine with Darwin's boootloader, with the countdown to press F8 and -v etc. I don't understand why SnowOSX doesn't have this? How do i boot this?
  5. SnowOSX DVD Boot?

    Hello, i've downloaded SnowOSX 3.5 and i'm trying to boot it up on my P6T-SE motherboard. My problem is that when i chose the CD drive as the boot device, the disk loads up like a boot-132 disk, it asks me for flags, if i press enter, it asks me for two digit hex decimal boot device. If i type 80, it boots the first harddrive (with a failed leo install) if i type 81, it goes back to kernel flags, if i press enter it goes back to kernel flags. How do i boot from this disk?
  6. Hey everyone! I've managed to get it to install! I've used iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5, it's seemed to install fine and it runs smoothly. I've upgraded my graphics card now to a HD4890, and i don't have any drivers for it. Can anyone please help me get my 4890 running? It sucks only being able to use 1024x768 resolution lol. My audio is not working at the moment, but i'm pretty sure i'ld be able to get my Audigy 2 running. Thank you everyone for your help so far. Thanks
  7. OSx on Intel i7 Asus P6T system

    Hey i've also got the P6T-SE, and i'm having trouble trying to use the retail DVD and boot 132. Can you please send me your Boot132 iso? mine keeps saying image checksum error, sorry. Thanks.
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply. I've already seen this topic and many more involving the P6T Deluxe, however when I try these methods on my P6T-SE, I don't get far at all. I'm really stuck, I've heard iDeneb v1.3 is supposed to work with my board, this is the furthest distro i've got with, it freezes at some point, i'll post up the code it freezes at after i finish the 2nd install. I think i need help on choosing the right setting with iDeneb v1.3 at the Customize menu, I'm not to sure exactly what to chose because the Deluxe version of my board has some slightly different components. Now i really regret getting the SE version, i should have bought the Deluxe, but i don't have the funds for it. It'll be great if someone really could help me out here, i love OS X, and I really want this to work. Thanks, Hope anyone can help
  9. I've now managed to get the iATKOS v7 install disc to run on my i7, however when i install i keep getting stuck on: Using 15720 buffer headers and 4096 cluster 10 buffer headers I have no idea what this means, can someone please help me out here? Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, i'm new here and i would like some help with my new setup. I've successfully installed Leopard on ly previous system with Kalyway 10.5.2, AMD FX-55 and A8n32-SLI Deluxe 2gb DDR400. I now have upgraded to the following i7 setup, here's my full pc specs: Intel Core i7 920 CPU Asus P6T SE Motherboard Sapphire X1900XTX 512mb GFX Card Creative Audigy 2 Sound card 200gb Maxtor IDE Harddrive Hiper type-R 580Watt PSU I've tried iDeneb v1.4, but i've had no success, with the default kernel, i get a never-ending loop after darwin prompt, a restart takes place, with voodoo kernel, it freezes at the Apple logo, and with other kernels it is the same as the default kernel. I've been trying now for about a month, no success. I've seen the tutorial of the P6T Deluxe mobo, but i'm clueless at the part where i insert my original OS X install disc. I've tried iATKOS v7, but that does not even want to boot off of the CD to the installer. Is there some flags i need to write before i can boot into it? I've booted into it from my other P4 system, installed OS X on the harddrive, put the harddrive into my i7, but when i boot off of it, it get the error of "Waiting for root device". I'm completely lost there. Can someone please help me, i really love OS X and i want to try out the OS on my new i7, and i'm pretty sure there's many others in the same if not, similar situation as me and they need help. Thanks. PS: Sorry for posting this in the wrong place.