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  1. Okay, I'm thinking to buy a laptop for my university studies. My budget is 2,000 USD. I was thinking to buy an allienware, but they seem overpriced. so after beginning to start programming apps for the Iphone (which I don't know if I will continue doing it, but is what motivates me to buy a mac) I start looking on macbooks pro and macbooks air. So you guys are the geeks on macs, and I'm unsure of what to do, since after I pay I can't regret. You guys think will worth it? I mean, the reason why I don't buy a cheap normal pc and use kalyway or something is that I don't know if it will work, etc. So I prefer not to risk, but if I buy mac, I'm sure windows runs 100% fine. Thanks a lot for your help, A LOT. Best Regards
  2. You are the man. Thanks a lot. Another thing, I think this can't be fixed since is what you get for trying to emulate the mac, but songs doesn't sounds too good, hangs up sometimes for like 0.5 secs, and computer seems a bit slow, even If I putted 2 GB of ram. Thanks
  3. Well for some weird reason, when I'm not using the mac, but is turned on, it just freezes, when I want to use it I can't do nothing, doesn't even appear the mouse cursor, and I have to restart it. I have tried googling, but seems that I'm the only one with the problem. Thanks
  4. I found the image, and worked. It's slow, so I have been googling for possible solutions. Seems normal, since lot of people have reported the same problem. I found the image 20 mins after. I was just installing everything before posting, to check if there was a bug before. Ty
  5. Okay after waiting a LOT. Finally it finished downloading 8 GB for vmware. However I just noticed that in the instructions that I need an Intel processor, or I should download another torrent that is amd.(8 gb more). But I saw you talked about a patch, tried googling, but I get amd torrents of kalyway, vmware amd, (6GB+) Any suggestion? Thanks
  6. Well, I have tried so many programs to install mac on Windows, for more than a month. Iatkos Kalyway Ideneb And so on, the best I got was a mac with 10 mins of internet, no sound, and can't change the screen resolution. So I have decided to post here to see if I can get a good software such as virtual pc but to have a virtual mac. I have used google but that just confused me more. Is vmware workstation able to install mac on windows? I just need the best program you know to easily install mac on windows without hardware problems. When I say "easily" I don't expect a 3 steps software, but I'm not expecting the same problems I had with iatkos, etc. I have Windows 7. My computer parts which I dont think is needed (In spanish) Thanks a lot.
  7. Can you recommend me a software to use with my custom pc? This are my parts 1 x Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4 - Socket AM3, FSB 5200MT/s, AMD 790X, 4x DDR3 1333Mhz, 1GB Red, IEEE1394, CrossFireX PCI-E x16 V2.0 1 x Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4890, 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM 256bit, HDMI, HDCP, 2x DVI, HDTV, DX10.1, CrossFireX, PCI-Express x16 2.0 1 x Corsair TX850 - 850W 24/20 Pines ATX, soporta SLI & Crossfire, Abanico 14cm, 4 x 6+2Pin PCI-E 1 x AMD Phenom II X3 710 a 2.6GHz - Tres Núcleos, HyperTransport 4000Mhz, 3x 512KB L2 Cache, Socket AM3 2 x Super Talent 2GB DDR3 DIMM PC3-12800 (1600Mhz) CL9 2 x Western Digital 500GB Caviar SE16 - Disco Duro 7200RPM, 16MB Cache Buffer, SATA II (300MB/s) I tried kalyway, but when is loading darwin, when I boot from DVD, it justs restarts. Out topic: I really want to install this ASAP, if I need to hire someone here, I will, I want to do this before leaving (Moving from my brother's house, to middle east) Thanks Best Regards
  8. intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    Looks VERY interesting to buy, looks like worths it.
  9. Thanks! iAtkos v7 on Lenovo G450-2462

    Dude, maybe you can transmit your wisdom to me, I have been trying with my custom pc few weeks ago. LoL
  10. iPhone OS 3.1.3 Update Available

    Well, its just to prevent from being jailbroken. I herd 4.0 is coming soon!
  11. Cool, it was faster than what I thought, but as usual, is expensive.
  12. Hello, Im really excited about putting a mac (my dreams) in my {censored} PC. I already tried, following a tutorial, didnt worked, now everytime I turn on my pc appears something about driver 4 not found paralel ata and something wierd. But I dont really care about that. I installed XP back, and only installed internet driver, to come here and post. How can I make it work? Any help with it? I know you guys need my pc info, what program do you guys recommend me to take my important info and post it here. I was really thinking in buying a mac, but I rather use windows, than using what I have earned all this months on a new PC. Just please, HELP ME. IM WILLING TO DONATE, IF ITS NEEDED TO. I just want to have mac on my PC... Guys you are my last change before I give up. Maybe isnt a big deal for you guys, but it is for me. Thanks a lot. P.S. Used iatkos, now reading few posts on the forum