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  1. Where are Boot Camp drivers located on Leopard DVD?
  2. MS Office 2008 Beta available...

    Microsoft does not seem to have a public beta of Office 2008-so the version you might have downloaded may be illegal.
  3. need recording program

    You can't-however, you can use Audacity or Freeverse's Sound Studio for basic recording. Also, new Macs come with Garageband.
  4. Logic Pro 8 (Logic Studio) and Logic 8 Express is out!

    Logic Express 8 includes 2 discs:the application disc with Logic, Garageband instruments and loops, Ultrabeat library,EXS24 and presets, plus a content disc with 'Artist Spotlight' Logic projects. The Jam Packs can be bought separately, if you use Express.
  5. Leo and Logic 8 careful

    Logic Express 8 works great for me after I did a clean install.
  6. Logic 8 on OSx86 is illegal

    Has Apple asked any torrent sites to remove Logic 8 torrents?
  7. Windows 98SE setup in Parallels: Funny thing about install Win98 in Parallels is that Setup will take about 194 minutes. On a real PC it's around 30- 60 minutes.
  8. TempWine3 for Darwine

    Where I can download the TempWine3 for Darwine (was at: http://www.mytempdir.com/768167 ), now? The http://www.mytempdir.com/768167 link doesn't work.
  9. tempwine

    Where can I download tempwine3.zip faster-the mytempdir link is very slow?