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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    But is audio working on windows 10 for you? I couldn't, so that's why I had to procede this way.
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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    I've successfully triple booted Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 10 and Os X Yosemite using Hybrid MBR. Ubuntu and windows run in legacy mode (which avoids HW problems specially in windows). Ubuntu and Os X are loaded using clover, and windows using the default MBR bootloader (which runs after exiting clover) The steps I followed are: 1) Install mac os X with the method from first post following all the steps until Post install. You should create 3 partitions, Windows, Ubuntu & MAC, in this order (I don't know if a 4th partition for data works following this method, as I have a second hard drive for data). Don't do Post install from Mac until last step. 2) Run ubuntu as LiveCD (as BIOS legacy mode, not EFI mode). To do this, enter BIOS and set USB as the first boot device, and do not load USB through F12, as it will possibly load EFI mode instead of BIOS Legacy mode. 3) Open terminal and put gdisk /dev/sda (or whatever sdX you are installing to): you should get something like: Partition table scan: MBR: hybrid BSD: not present APM: not present GPT: present Installing ubuntu makes MBR change from hybrid to protective. If leaved unchanged, this will make impossible for you to install windows in BIOS legacy mode (as windows installer will see the disk as a GPT disk). Once ubuntu is installed, you should recover this initial output of gdisk, changing again MBR to hybrid. 4) Install ubuntu without bootloader, running the installer from the LiveCD terminal using the following command. ubiquity --no-bootloader 5) Once the installer has finished, open a terminal before restarting and restore the hybrid MBR using gdisk. The exact steps to do this are described here: http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/hybrid.html. When asked which GPT partitions should be added to hybrid MBR select the target Windows partition (which should be the first). Everything else should be leaved as default or as seen in the previous guide. 6) Restart, and you should be able to install Windows. Remember not to use F12 for loading the usb, as this may trigger EFI mode. Windows installation will install the bootloader, and you should be able to boot windows after the installation. 7) Finally, run clover from the usb to load OS X, and proceed with the OS X Post install and clover installation. 8) At this point, you should get clover once the computer is powered on. You should be able to select ubuntu and OS X from within clover, and exiting clover should start windows. I've believe that with this everything that has been known to work for each of the systems works (I used this method to recover windows audio, which is known to fail if windows is installed in EFI mode). Though Hybrid MBR's are known to be messy, i believe this is the only method to run triple boot with minimum HW problems, specially for Windows.