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  1. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Man, this is getting really annoying, and I am 100% stumped, I have enabled ACPI, even went out and bought a SATA DVD drive, I am now getting a Kernel Panic that says Trying to change a collection in the registry Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies): dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily(1.3.0)@0x54ebffff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6)@0x54e31000 and it repeats twice
  2. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Ok, also, with the P5Q Turbo, I have heard mixed stories, I hear that I can boot with 4 cores without using a modified BIOS, but for some reason, even with patching the DSDT I cannot get my 4 cores running, unless I am patching it wrong, can anyone give me a little more information in regards to this? or maybe lead me to a way to modify my own p5q turbo bios, I have searched for hours on the forums, but they do not have anything for the P5Q Turbo series
  3. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Sorry, I forgot to add that ACPI 2.0 is set to Enabled, and I am still receiving the KP with it turned on, I verified this when I went through the guide, but just double checked to make sure about five minutes ago. I ended up following Proceduralmind's guide as shown below I also want to mention that I am running a P5Q Turbo, Intel Q6600, 4GB RAM, VisionTek ATI 4870 512mb, 150gb Sata HDD, Lite-On ATA DVD-RW if any of these would be causing problems
  4. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    (taken from another thread) This is the same Kernel Panic that I am getting, at the moment I am booting from the SL drive, however when I get home tonight I will have to try unplugging the 10.5.7 drive, and also unplugging the ATA DVD/RW, cause this may be causing the issue?
  5. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Hey everyone, I have been following the guide on this, and thanks for your help. But I am currently trying to get this running on my P5Q Turbo, every time I follow all the steps and go to boot into snow leopard, I get a kernel panic and it wont load. Anyone have any suggestions. i've tried all the boot flags, maybe its a bios setting, or something that I need to change that is different between the P5Q turbo and the rest of the group? Thanks
  6. since installing SL generally requires that you have a running leopard partition and you have to install it either on a different hard drive or partition, just run if off of either your computer or a flash drive. saves the $20 of buying a pack of dual layer dvd's or better yet, just go buy snow leopard for $29
  7. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    i'll try this out tonight with my P5Q Turbo, just translated with google and everything seemed to come out pretty clean. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, Currently I am running a P5Q Turbo, ATI 4870 and intel Q6600, I have everything working, except for the whole 4 core problem, but I figure that I might as well start working on snow leopard instead of trying to figure out how to fix that problem in 10.5.8. Has anyone had any luck with this motherboard and SL? I am going to make an attempt tonight with the retail disk and a modified boot-132 for SL that someone on this forum created, so I will keep you posted on that. Thank
  9. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    hahaha, better laptop. I think i'll stick to my "macbook pro killer" for now and just use my desktop with leopard
  10. I am almost tempted to go back to 10.5.7, I too am having the same problem, CPU shows up just fine, but I cant enable more than one core... do you think thats the problem?
  11. Driver for ATI 3670

    Shwet, I had an Airport Express Card (Same thing as a dell 1505 wireless n card) that I use in my WWAN port rather than my intel 5100, since drivers are not available at this time.
  12. Modified Bios for Asus P5Q Deluxe

    Can you please tell me the process involved in modifying your own bios? I have a P5Q Turbo, and patching the DDST in OSX isn't helping my quad core situation and so I do not know what to do next.
  13. Let me know if you have any luck with this, I am having the same problem with my P5Q Turbo / Q6600, I wonder if it is 10.5.8 causing the problems? cause I can run sysctl machdep in terminal and it is showing 4 cores, but everywhere else and geekbench is telling me that I have 1 core still. I can boot without using the cpus=1 flag, but dunno how to get my quad core up and running. I'll keep you posted on my progress as well
  14. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    lastExile, I have a few buddies who are able to help me look at code if I can give them some to help me correct drivers. Can you please pm me, or give me your most recent update on mobility ATI drivers, I am most interested in any information you might have about the 3670, but any driver atleast would be a starting point. (is the Mobility 3650 test the most recent?) Thanks
  15. Honestly, the first thing I would probably do is download a newer version such as iAtkos v7. I recently installed it on my desktop, and was able to update to 10.5.8 without any problems. Secondly, in regards to your cd/dvd reader, it sounds like you need to install an IDE driver. I was able to find one for my P5Q Turbo, so I assume you can install one off of the setup disk to see if it fixes your problems. Anyways, by atleast installing a new distro, and getting past the whole 10.5.5 thing you should be running almost perfectly. that and it will only take you maybe an hour to download, vs the hours you will spend trying to resolve this issue