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  1. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    Enjoy ~Apple Insider
  2. Apple has pulled their new educational iMac from the Apple online store. A Sales representative says it was "a mistake" and the model "was only meant to be available to educational institiutions" ~Apple Insider
  3. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    I really hope Apple includes wireless 802.11n
  4. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    It looks like people got their wish, Apple will use Intels Xeon 5100 series for their Mac Pro (Aka Woodcrest which will be Intel's fastest chip for personal computer.) Also, this might be the lineup Apple will use for their Desktops and Laptop Macbook = Yonah iMac = Conroe Macbook Pro = Merom ~ Apple Insider
  5. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    Actually they are 200 GB Blu-Ray. Since I can't find the original article, here http://www.engadget.com/2006/04/12/tdk-har...b-blu-ray-disc/ I Actually remember when CDs where $25 for 20 disks... In due time, the cost of Blu-Ray players and Media will go down just like Cds & DVDs did.
  6. Snes9x

    Is there an emulator for Gba, Gb, & Nes?
  7. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    You do and you don't need special monitors/televisions to watch Blu-Ray movies.. You see, movie studios have an option of adding a DRM Pure Digital Signal to their Blu-Ray movies which will require HDMI cables (Kinda like A/V cables (I Don't know if you can use DVI..)) and since only a few televisions have HDMI (Mostly plasmas and flat screens) thats where the special monitor/television kicks in... So far, 2 or 3 movie studios have announced the Non-DRM Pure Digital Signal (Sony is one of them) I really hope Apple adds a Blu-Ray burner, which can read and write Cds, DVDs, And Blu-Ray Disks (which ranges from 25 to 200 Gb of memory!!). The only problem is the cost. I mean a Blu-Ray burner cost about $900 and then a high definiton monitor for around $450, but wait.. do current Apple monitors support high definiton?
  8. New Info on the Mac Pro!

    Blu-Ray is more likely to be add since Apple is one of the board of directors, but since Blu-ray drives cost about $1000, I doubt Apple will add Blu-ray for this generation of Macs.. =(! http://www.blu-raydisc.com/ http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2005/mar/10blu-ray.html
  9. It's fake =/. The guy made a video of his Mac Os X Tiger, edited it, uploaded it to his video iPod, and then he studied the movement of the video so it would look like he was actually opening an application...
  10. I'm also deciding on what type of Mac computer to buy. I want to buy a Macbook because of its mobility, but i'm put off about the size of the screen.. Is the screen really 13" tall & wide? Or do they measure it some werid way? (Which I think they do) If they do measure it in a werid way, can anyone provide the specs for the 13" Macbook (Height & Width)? Thank You!
  11. Hello, i'm new here ! I was wondering if I can install a version of X86 with these computer specs? (I already searched and couldn't find anything Windows XP SP2 Processer: Intel Pentium III 550Mhz Capable SECC2 Chipset: i440BX/ZX Graphics: AGP Ver. 1.0 Memory: SDRAM 512 Mb HD: Maxtor 6y120po DVD Rom: Hitachi GD-2500 Network Adapter: EN1207D-TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet Umm I don't know what else to add... Thanks in advance!!