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  1. I am having mackbook pro 9,1 mid 2012 with nvidia 650 and intel hd 4000 card.I cant boot with intel graphics on windows.i want boot with intel because of battery and heat purpose. is there any way?
  2. is there any one who have success on mbp 2012 nvidia 650 and intel 4000 drivers
  3. im looking for long for agn 5100 drivers for 10.7x but still no luck.is there any solution for that?,please give some help so i can make it to work
  4. hi smartie77 i have installed itkos l2 10.7.2 lion it works with boot GraphicsEnabler=No but i no qc/qe working i didnt not chang smbios its same in itkos packege
  5. help.dv6 131tx missing 5100 agn,cpu=1

    i boot without dsdt
  6. help me about cpu=1 fix and wireless 5100 agn card i have dv6 core 2 due 131 tx i have installed iatkos v3 and updated to 10.6.7
  7. help dv6 131 core 2 cpu=1

    i have dv6 131tx model hp laptop.its nice for me. i dont have fix for cpus=1 I know there is iATKOS_S3v2 and there is no fix there is for multi cores.i used but not worked. i have 10.6.7 mac Please give me response.i need ur helps
  8. i tried much and much used many kexts.but still no luck for me. is there any way to make it detect? please help THanks
  9. help me about mobility ati 4650

    worked well Its now working Thank u so so much
  10. help me about mobility ati 4650

    nope just put the kext files in Extensions folder and restarted
  11. help me about mobility ati 4650

    not worked for me
  12. help me about mobility ati 4650

    Im unable to understand the method for installation of ati Redaon 4650 mobility.I have HP DV6 121TX I found two threads here one is by chrisys32 and other by Mucha. Can some one post some screenshots of method or video. So i can complete installation Thanks in advance
  13. ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 Full Res [No QE/CI]

    what u will achieve without qe/ci in snow leopard ... only damage ur battery and heatup ur system
  14. ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 Full Res [No QE/CI]

    edit com.apple.Boot.plist add <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> thn it will auto boot in 32 bit mode
  15. 10.6.4 released.. now any chance for mobility 4650 ? hav NE1 tried?