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    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    I TOO am cooking with my 5701 following the step by step instructions for using a 5705 on a Dell Latitude D600. The Hex value is 1649 (which is 5701 in Hex; I did no see anyone specifically state this, so I'm going to maybe someone some time trying to figure out HEIR model ID in Hex). Thank you ual808 for posting your recipe; THAT was the ticket. I think followed the other instructions for clearing the kextcache stuff, and it came up with neworking. I have just put the SetMAC script in my startup folder to see if that will set the mac on start up as well. Now if I can JUST get one of my wireless cards working.. I'd be giddy.
  2. carric

    What network cards work?

    I too am a little disappointed at the networking situation; after about 5 installs, I got 10.4.6 working, but I have no networking, despite the HCL saying the TrueMobile 1300 is supported natively. I have never owned a Mac, so I REALLY wanted to test drive before I went and dropped $3G on another laptop (that apparently still has heat problems). I have searched for any explanation of how to get this working, but have as yet found little.