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  1. MAC OS X 10.4.8 install on VMware workstation

    If u install it on PC yes its gunna be faster and u goota select the ethernet drivers from The Installer i guess never installed tiger nativley only leopard Ok Yea U need to change the drive to IDE just creat a vm make sure this time to select custom go throughit and then thats it and make sure to choose IDE Oh i guess u need to reinstall lol sorry man
  2. MAC OS X 10.4.8 install on VMware workstation

    Yes you can use Daimon Tools Just mount the ISO And then change it to DVD/CD and dont select it as AUTO DETECT select it as wat letter u made the monuted image as
  3. MAC OS X 10.4.8 install on VMware workstation

    THANKS MAN is it a bit slow?? It is for me but not that much i have Intel Pentium Dual-Core 4GB RAM(2GB for OSX) 2.00ghz and i have windows 7 RTM
  4. MAC OS X 10.4.8 install on VMware workstation

    Hey guys update use the new Version of VMware because if you use old version 6.0 it wont work it doesnt but try the new version of Workstation. Buy it or crack it
  5. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    Yep its possible first get linux on ps3 then get a Pear PC then get a ISO Image of MAC OS X iso from torrents then Boot it up there
  6. Hello i am going to show you how to install mac os x TIger 10.4.8 TIger in VMware Workstation First download Vmware Workstation:vmware.com MAC OS X 10.4.8(GOOGLE IT) then burn the ISO to a DVD Next create a new VM and go through until the VM configue IT will say Vmware doesnt recognize the DVD as a OS so press next and then choose other then FreeBSD(If u are using Core Duo Core 2 DUo Conroe USe Windows NT FreeBSD wont Work) Try to set the ram to 2024MB and go to floppy hit remove and then PRESS ok Then start the VM Press F8 then type in -v and if it doesnt boot type -x(safe mode) If u chose 2 processors type cpus=1 if it doesnt boot Ok now it has booted select your language i chose english then hit next Select Utilities Disk utility Select the VMware HardDrive(Note:If the hardrive doesnt appear and only a 4.4GB comes up change ur drive to IDE) then select partion select 1 Partion then hit partion then after its done close DiskUtility hit next select your HardDrive u made then hit next then customize Select one of the ATA kexts or it will not work Next hit restart Then press any key then type -v again then wait then you will get a Welcome Screen....... Go fill out what u want it to do Then NEXT MAC OS X 10.4.8 Jas on your PC Credits: Thanks to Torrent websites for providing the ISO Thanks to apple to make a wonderful OS Thanks to Vmware for the Virtualization software Thanks to Darwin/x86 for the Darwin Bootloader Most of all thank you JAS!!! Thanks Post comments here if u have problems
  7. Good for you for the install ok but if u ran windows before u can install on vmware workstation and the LAN will work there but if u install on the pc itself the wifi wont work but the ethernet shoud i hope this has helped
  8. General problems with Mac OS X 10.4.8 JaS

    Im a master at JAS so ok where did u download it from i have a good bootable torrent link i could give u