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    iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD

    I have installed this and install goes ok. During the install process if I check the system profiler it shows the correct card Nvidia 8800 gt with 512 but after install it shows a Nvidia 32 meg card don’t recall exact as I am trying to reinstall. When I install I have formatted the drive to Mac extended journaled MBR. When I exit the disk utility and select the Mac disk to install to the options button is grayed out. I am not sure if there is some option that might help, but I cannot find out. What do I need to different to get to the options or is there something else I should do to get the right video card installed? MY system specs Intel xbx2 2.4 ghz dual core 8 megs ram Nvidia 8800 gt 512 meg thanks, Mike