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  1. Vitaliy

    Were Back !

    it's not possible simply because there are cpu checks in kernel and efi can't help us here, so patches will be needed in any case
  2. it's currently possible to get dual-monitor support on ati x1650 pro (dual-dvi)? maybe some experimental driver to try or something? if not, what cards have working dual-monitor?
  3. Vitaliy

    OMG! 9A343 (Client) + 9A344 (Server)!

    I don't think there's something bad here. leo doesn't require any new modern hardware (like Vista does) and I think people can at least finally upgrade their many-years-old cpus w/o sse2. it's stupid to want newest OS to run on so old hw.
  4. right [link removed pending admin review re: DMCA violation]
  5. what hardware do you have? and make sure you installed everything correctly, many problems come from incorrect installation
  6. Vitaliy

    anyone here use SmugMug?

    interested in plugin for Aperture for exporing to this service?
  7. it seems that you have hpet and nx (not sure about nx but all kernels now can work w/o it)
  8. I already posted nonx kernel some time ago in some thread here's the link again http://www.filefactory.com/file/f3c2a8/ I don't think I'll release any more patches because currently my kernel works well on appropriate hardware and this was my aim from the beginning. of course semthex's kernel is better for people who don't have hpet or sse3 or intel cpu and he's more popular because he satisfies more people. but I really don't see reason to use it for people who have modern hardware so I'm going to leave my kernel as is for them. now kernel is hacked, this process is documented. I proved to myself and everybody that I can quickly hack it and anybody is free to continue this work and modify it for any other platforms, release update packages and so on. but for me it's time to move to other things
  9. semthex changed many things in his kernel in order to make it work on different hardware. so if you have modern hw (hpet, sse3) it's of course better to use my kernel because it's less modified and more stable. note that some people think that they don't have hpet while they actually has (eg. intel 845-based boards with ich5) semthex, don't speak about personal reasons - your current status mostly because of good relationship with other nice guys here.