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  1. Is this a limitation of OS X or the motherboard. So does that mean once I start dual booting Win 7 I will have to add/remove everytime I want to run 4gb in WIN 7? Sure wish we can get 4gb working on this!!! Also, I notice everytime I power on, it seems my OS makes a brand new connection profile each time, i.e. Ethernet then next Ethernet 2, etc Anyone else having that quirk happen.
  2. I have done all the steps up to installing the OS from my retail 10.5.6 and I checked my DVD and it passed and starts the install then at about 10% the screen piexelates in rainbow and then goes purple and does nothing. Any ideas????? I did use disk utility to make 2 partitions before hand but I don't know why that would hurt anything. Also I'm using an IDE Optical DVD and a SATA HDD.