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  1. My HacBook's LCD brightness keeps constantly increasing whenever it's running on battery power. It's a Dell XPS m140 (same as an Inspiron 630m). Can't figure out what's going on--any ideas?
  2. Ah, hadn't thought of it that way. As I'm sure you understand, my classes start today, but when things settle down a bit, I'll get on that.
  3. I wish I could code, and I wish I had some knowledge to give you, but I can't and I don't. You said, however, that "coding is not all that needs to be done." What else do you need?
  4. The way I understand it, Fink's meant more for applications, and it probably isn't close enough to the kernel to handle a driver. Still, I'm not that experienced with it either, so it's an idea.
  5. Free .mac-style storage

    I've got one, too, though even one gig is better than none. link
  6. It's not a matter of finding it; it doesn't exist. james2mart's writing one, but that naturally takes some time. He's made some good progress so far.
  7. Would the Windows API infect OSX

    I think the differences between OS X and Windows would keep viruses from doing any major damage. OTOH, I think the possibility may be good for some people who are otherwise naively saying, "I'm on a Mac so I don't have to worry about anything." *shrug*
  8. Got a Performa 5200CD lying around; I'd mess around with it, but I don't have a keyboard that I can use to turn it on...
  9. My install was also from the 10.4.6 JaS disc, and the driver didn't work. IIRC, the drivers are for the 9220, not the 9200.
  10. CPUThrottler2beta1

    Tried the authorization trick; found the key with no problem this time. Seems like it'll do the trick, but I didn't keep the program running long enough to find out for a couple of reasons: 0. The bug came back with the speed not doing what I tell it. This time I've attached a screenshot. 1. When I take screenshots (command-shift-3), I get a screenshot for each display (I've got 2). I tried to delete the other one, but I couldn't empty the Trash afterward because I apparently didn't have the privileges to do so. This happens on and off and probably isn't CPUThrottler's fault. Anyway, I usually fix this by opening up a terminal and emptying the Trash as root. Problem: the terminal wouldn't do anything. It opened up a terminal window with the title "Completed Command" and nothing inside. I've had this happen before, and it always goes back to normal when I quit CPUThrottler. Don't know why.
  11. CPUThrottler2beta1

    K, here's the deal. I was on the right tab and everything, but now it mostly works for some reason. I say mostly because it briefly did it again earlier, but went back to normal after I quit and relaunched it. I'll keep you posted if it happens again. Until then, don't worry about it. As for the password prompt: I tried to apply the fix, but /var/authorization apparently doesn't exist for me (installed from JaS 10.4.6 dvd). Here's my ls /var: at cron launchd msgs root samba vm audit db log named run spool xgrid backups empty mail netboot rwho tmp yp Any ideas?
  12. CPUThrottler2beta1

    I keep having to re-enter my password every now and then whenever CPUThrottler is running. Why? Also, it doesn't seem to listen to the settings I put in; I tell it manual 1867 MHz and it still runs at whatever it feels like.
  13. Calling all laptop owners ...

    My XPS M140 gets about 4 to 4.5 hours on its 9-cell battery (gets about 7 hours under XP, though the battery's big enough it sticks out the back of the machine).
  14. Another available tester right here. I really appreciate all the work you're putting into this!