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  1. iDeneb Doesn't Find HDD sata

    I tried The New Ideneb 1.5 Version But The Same Problem Please Help
  2. iDeneb Doesn't Find HDD sata

    Thanx But It Is Already ahci and the disk utility doesn't find it what to do now
  3. iDeneb Doesn't Find HDD sata

    Hi I Tried A KalyWay Disk But When I Boot With It The Pc Restart After a while Can AnyBody Help Me And I Really Prefer To Use Ideneb Best Regards
  4. iDeneb Doesn't Find HDD sata

    Thanx Bro 1-Am Working On my Friends HDD the IDE One And I Installed Mac On It By Chosing Ichx Driver chipset But Now When I Install Any Aplication Kernel Panic i Use Voodoo Kernel 2-The SATA One Works Properly Bios Things Are Good I Even Use Linux And Windows From It I Have Another Disk Not Sure What It is But I think it is KalyWay But When I Start It Hangs I Don't Even See The Setup Manger Cuz Alot Of Errors Best Regards
  5. مشكلة مع الساتا

    أظن أن علي البحث في مكان آخر
  6. iDeneb Doesn't Find HDD sata

    hey i thought that my forum who is the only one is dead but i think difrent now just kiding but its 3 days no answer? i might be correct up there
  7. مشكلة مع الساتا

    المنتدى ميت لهذه الدرجة ؟ ظننت أن منتداي أكثرهم موتا في انتظاركم
  8. مشكلة مع الساتا

    السلام عليكم http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=172905 إعذروني نسيت وجود منتدى بالعربي المهم الرجاء الإجابة و سأجرب اليوم شيئا ممكن سينجح أستعمل محرك أقراص ساتا ونرى النتيجة دمتم في حفظ الرحمن
  9. Hi All 1st topic is an ask ? shame on me anyway idownloaded ideneb and installed on IDE HDD it installed correctly but when i start my mac it keep loading and there is a lock on the apple (no pics sorry) never mind for this cuz the IDE is droped now the sata evrything good then the disk utility doesn't find my HDD even i formatted to unformatted and fat 32 (linux user) what to do now ? i changed my bios options from IDE to RAID Many things i readed in this forum but nothing works ok my system MotherBoard EliteGroup P4M900t Proccessor Multi Proccessor P4 3.2 P4 3.2 Ram 2GB DDR2 HDD 2 HDD sata 160GB sata 250 GB Edit : Grafic Card 9500 GT thats all folks