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  1. Fixing the 'waking up from sleep' issue

    I can't go to snipe the snow Leopard because of my ATI HD2600PRO ( no QuartzExtreme)
  2. Fixing the 'waking up from sleep' issue

    Unfortunately I do not have good news. I got a computer (Asus P5KSE, Intel Core2Duo 2.66) about a year ago and I have the same problem. No option I think. Sorry, Rio22
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Hello! I am Rio22, I am visiting this site for a long time and now I decided to start posting myself. I don't have a great experience in MacOSX, but I can say that I have a hackintosh for a year now (P5KSE Asus, Intel Core2Duo 2.66, Ati EAH2600, 2 x 250 GB Samsung HDD, Samsung 300 GB HDD, DVD RW SATA, 6 GB DDR 2 RAM, Zalman Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler CNPS9700LED) one computer that works very well. OS is Leopard 10.5.8 installed from retail dvd (10.5.6) and upgraded to 10.5.8. I am a man who likes clear discussions on the subject, no street language and unnecessary insults. Please be merciful with me and don't KO me for my mistakes, especially for my bad english. Thank you, Rio22
  4. Automating photos management

    Your post saved me!!! Thank you very very much!!!
  5. I want to open this topic because I think there are many people who have many photos and need help to organize them. In fact, I am a professional photographer who has stored his photos ia an unprofessional way until now.I recently became owner of a mac and started to transfer my pictures on it in an organized manner. The problem is that I have 3 HDDs on about 5,000 pictures made in the last four years. I would like to organize them according to the date the photos were taken in appropriately named folders (eg 25/05/2010), but taking into account the huge number of images I want to do it automatically. I do not care at all what application might do something like this (iPhoto, Bridge, Automator, Aperture or anything else), all I want is to get rid of the crazy mess of pictures of my HDDs. If you know any way, please let's talk!