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  1. thank you...gonna give it a try on a couple of gigabyte boards i have
  2. here you go working perfectly on my EX58-UD4P followed this thread:http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=188663&hl= easiest install and works perfectly...
  3. bbourizk

    newbee with DX58so

    hey like you said all guides u read require two hard drives so so installing snow leopard on a partition on a single hard drive is not going to happen for you, not at the moment anyway. you say you have iatkos i suggest you install that and play with it. Get the latest one V7 10.5.7 you will be able to install it on the 70gb partition and it will install cameleon for you so you can dual boot WIN7 as well. You will need to repair the win7 boot (i suggest you google dual booting) you will need to get another hard drive to install snow using the many tutorials available here, and the iatkos install will help you do that. your other option is to wait until someone like iatkos...ideneb...ipc ect. release a special distro for snow leopard
  4. thanks Dr Hurt last installer worked well
  5. bbourizk

    Asus P5E DSDT fixes

    thank you
  6. thanks for the info was looking at getting a new p55 set up but couldnt really find much info or guides for that matter maybe i didn't look hard enough lol. currently have a Ex58-Ud4P working well, but as i'm going to update my second comp was thinking about the P55 chipset...or maybe i should stick with X58? thanks again
  7. for me updating to 10.6.2 caused a KP...removed sleepenabler kext by hooking the drive to my wifes hackintosh and it was all good again. not sure why i bothered with it in the first place as i never put the comp to sleep. my only problem is my mouse movement is not very smooth when trying to be precise with the mouse the mouse cursor jumps a bit, anyone else having similar problems? not sure if it's my nvidia card 9800GTX+ as my wifes hackitosh running slow leopard has a 9800GT and it's working perfectly a friend using 9800GX2 has no issues either. in win7 mouse is perfect...i'd like to fix it if possible as i use alot of photoshop to do retouching work etc. and need smoothe mouse movement. apart from that set up is perfect. my specs EX58-UD4P i7 920 Nvidia 9800GTX+ 12gb Gskill ram
  8. bbourizk

    Asus P5B Deluxe

    hello i have manage to get SL on this board using this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185823 i added some extra kexts. Nvinject...IONetworkingFamily....IOAHCIBlockStorageinjector and then just ran the script which uses the restore to USB method give it a try and see how u go...this is the only one that worked for me on this board and i tried a few ways good luck
  9. i think i'm starting to love netkas too...lol anyway i just redid a hard drive using the new boot file form netkas i didn't use the kext as one post on his site said you don't need them for 4870 cards. put the hard drive into the UD4P machine and it booted with out any issues no loud fan nothing so again thank you. only thing i noticed is the mouse is not smooth this happens on three cards i tried... ATI 4870...Nvidia 9800 gtx and GTX275 could it be the size of the screen...27" dell...as the 9800gtx on my wife's comp is very smooth.
  10. bbourizk


    hello yes i did buy a NIC card based on the RTL8169 chipset cost me $30AUD and it's working fine the original poster of this guide has updated his post for NIC cards and is making a list for ones that work. Remember it's to run snow in 64bit there's a kext for the onboard NIC but the 64bit version is buggy (once again the original poster of the guide provides all this info). sound is working when i followed what the guide said (steps below), it didnt work for me open Terminal, type "sudo chmod -vR 755" drag "/Volumes/Snow/System/Library/Extentions/VoodooHDA.kext" into terminal, hit enter. Reduced 88% 1652 x 494 (288.02K) // Reduced 88% 1635 x 463 (108.64K) // now type "chown -vR root:wheel" drag "/Volumes/Snow/System/Library/Extentions/VoodooHDA.kext" into terminal, hit enter again. copy your com.apple.Boot.plist from "Extra" directory to "/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration" so what i did was put the VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E and then used kext helper to install it. just dragged the kext from S/L/E into kext helper enter my password and press install worked like a charm. if you run into any more troubles ask a question on his thread, he is extremely helpful and knows what he's talking about. good luck
  11. worked for me thanks using netkas PCefi 10.3 as well dual booting win7 and snow perfectly
  12. bbourizk


    hello shame that your having trouble, but maybe i can offer some help even though i dont know much myself. Just what i've learned from using different peoples guides originally i used this method that your trying and it worked for me but not perfect i have EX58-UD4P but managed to get snow installed using guides for UD5 as i believe they are the same board but the UD5 has 2 LAN ports. what i have learned while playing around with this snow install is you need to try a lot of guides and a lot of reading to get one that's best for you. this guide here works perfectly for me with a lot of help from the original poster. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=188663&hl= everything running perfectly with x64 bit. took a bit of work but now is very stable. as sirpaul noted there is also a script made by Digital_dreamer (search for it under his name) that's specific for the UD5 and it seems to be a great guide for many. netkas has released a new PC efi v10.4 which works great with ATI cards. so basically u need to try different things and different guides and get one that best works for you. there are so many board and video card combination's that finding a guide perfect for your set up is impossible. have a read at the posts i mentioned and give them a try you just need a lot of time and patients but it's certainly worth the hassles. let us know how u get one and don't give up as it beats paying over 4k for a basic mac pro
  13. hey thanks again for the reply here's where i'm at. firstly i run two machines one i use for gaming, internet downloads, music and every day {censored}. and my UD4P machine that i strictly use for photoshop work. i make psd templates that i sell on ebay and also photo retouching. i wanted to run snow on it to see if i can get photoshop to run even faster, i work with very big files and any more speed is helpful. The UD4P had the ati card in it and my other machine had a GTX275. so last night i put the GTX275 onto the UD4P machine and it worked like a charm. booted straight away with no issues. ideally i would prefer to have the ATI card on snow leopard and leave my GTX275 for the gaming i do. so i will give the ati card another try correct me if i'm wrong...i just need to change the 10.3 boot file with 10.4 and leave the com.apple.boot.plist alone as you had it? once again thank you for all your help PS: i tried the guide itsjared linked to earlier and that got me no where. yours Sh**s all over it. also dual booting with win7 works perfectly
  14. hey thanks for the reply tried what you recommended but no luck same thing fan spins at 100%. even went through and prepared a fresh install following the guide. same thing. so out of curiosity just to make sure i followed the guide well i used the video card out of my wifes comp Nvidia Gt9800 1024mb and you wouldn't believe it it worked internet working didn't try sound as i was in a hurry to go to work 64 bit working only thing i noticed is that the mouse was a little sluggish. so i guess the only thing i have left to say is a BIG thank you for your guide and all the help you provided myself and others who have asked you questions. i'm surprised there arent many people with this MB or maybe there not saying anything if you work out how to get the ATI card going let me know lol .thanks again
  15. hey finally got my board back from gigabyte tried booting into snow form the disc i made following the guide. i used a snow leopard install to set up the hard drive for my UD4P i get the bootloader i choose snow and get the gray apple logo and the spinning wheel. After about 20 seconds the fan on my video card spins really fast for a second then stops. The wheel keeps spinning under the apple logo for another 5 seconds or so then the video card fan goes crazy and spins flat out resulting in a black screen with the message entering power saving mode on the monitor...fan continues to spin really loud. tried booting in -x same thing...-v resulted in exactly the same thing loaded all kexts got to waiting for DSMOS, fan span a bit then 5 seconds later black screen and fan spinning like crazy. Now...should i have installed the netkas ATI package before trying to boot into snow? or is there something else i have missed. thanks in advance for any help keen to get this up and running