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  1. I installed the driver but it doesn't work somehow. I get this in the log: Guest: IOAC: Disabling OpenGL support due to lack of baseline capabilities Running Mac OSX 10.6.7 on VMware 7 - Windows7, i7 920, Nvidia GTX560
  2. I upgraded to 10.6.3 with searrays original files, and everything went fine apparently
  3. Can I install your files without reinstalling my previous hackintosh using the file from searay?
  4. Anyone tried the new P6T 1303 BIOS yet? Doesn't sound like a must have: "1. Fix HDD size shown incorrectly if it's bigger than 2.2TB 2. Fix DEL and F8 keys doesn't work with Microsoft Reclusa Keyboard "
  5. Nothing suspicious in the activity monitor or iStat, although there isn't specifically a power tab, 'only' CPU usage which looks ok. Nothing too busy 95 to 100% idle, still the PSU is going all out it seems. Can something like that happen by a wrong DSDT? EDIT: Actually I was wrong, it's my graphics card fan which is super loud.. Radeon X1950
  6. I have a strange problem, when the system boots Mac OS X, my PSU turns really loud, like its needing 150% power. What can be the solution?
  7. I'm using an E6600 Conroe (65nm I think) and 2GB RAM, I'm not sure which supplied DSDT to use
  8. my cpu gets too hot, ~75° celsius, under windows or linux it's about 50°. I use the e6750 dsdt for my e6600
  9. changes in the /Extra/ fiolder on the hdd don't matter.. do I have to reburn the boot cd for changes? tghat woyuld not be convenient
  10. Two issues, first rebooting doesn't work for me. Secondly I'm only able to run native resolution by adding Graphics Mode in darwin console. It doesn't work when editing the com.apple.Boot.plist
  11. fixed, I had to fix BIOS settings after BIOS update
  12. The SL installation is working with 314TeR's Boot CD. Everything went fine, but it's extremely slow, not just the boot - it's the whole system it takes minutes to start finder or click anything. I'm running Core2Duo E6600, ATI Radeon X1950 XTX 596MB VRAM, 2GB RAM single channel. Has anyone else experienced a slow system? Previously I installed 10.5 and it was slow as well, so can it be hardware orientated? Is it my graphics card or the fact my RAMs are only single channel?
  13. You were right, update worked fine, thanks
  14. Do I need to update any files if I update the bios to the newest version? Still running original files from searay