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  1. What version of snow leo u running cause I had same problem until after I upgraded past 10.6.2 I think.
  2. Success with HP g60-445dx?

    Haven't been able to figure much out about this. Most discs just restart at bootloader. Only way I could get in is using iDeneb lite 10.5.8 on usb. Even with that you can't see your hard disks and would have to install on another usb drive. Have been able to boot some discs from an external dvd drive but the same problem happens at install, no hard drives. Also forgot to add this, I had to have a usb keyboard and mouse hooked up just to get past any bootloader.
  3. Hi kabyl can u mod bios for hp g60-125 nr laptop. Wistron 303c mobo AMD Turion X2 processor Geforce 8200m. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp45001-45500/sp45070.exe PC just restarts constantly after darwin or chameleon or pc efi. Can only boot into installer from external hd but does not see hard drive. Thanks for any info.
  4. iPC on hp notebook

    Hey any progress on this? I've kinda given up at this point. have g60-125nr same specs. I have gotten it to boot to install screen using ideneb lite edition 10.5.8 and can install to a usb drive. But no access to HD. won't boot from dvd, had to copy it to usb flash drive then install chameleon to it and then it boots no problem actually pretty fast to. also had to plug in usb keyboard and mouse but only until i reached the installer screen. If u dont do this it just reboots at darwin prompt. But without access to the hard drive and qe/ci it is pretty much useless. wifi don't work either. ethernet works but comp runs extremely slow and resolution is terrible. I did manage to edit some VIA hd kexts to get read access to one of my partitions on my internal drive, but after a restart the partition magically disapered and the data was gone. so i dont suggest trying that. also had no luck with iPC, Kaly, iAtkos, Leo4All, or xXx. Let me know if you figure anything out.
  5. Hey snowball where you able to get everything installed or are you getting "still waiting for root device"? I have the same controller in my laptop, hp g60-125nr, but can't install from sata dvd to sata hd. Using usb flash drive i can get iDeneb 10.5.8 installed but not to my sata hd, but to another usb flash drive. The only way I was able to see any of my sata drives from osx was to modify the Appleviaata.kext with my sata controller's device id. But as soon as i try to access the drive, the comp crashes. Just wondering if you found anymore info on it.
  6. Got it to work on G60-125nr with Ideneb 10.5.5 but had to use an external usb dvd drive. And usb keyboard and mouse so it would not restart at Darwin. Then install to a usb stick or usb drive. Can't get video kext's to work tried every nvidia kext I could think of but still nothing. System is running very slow not even worth using unless someone can figure something out.
  7. Hey guys new here, also have a HP g60-125NR. Tried Kalyway, iatkos, and just finished downloading ideneb. Hoping this one works. All others seem to load Darwin then some file load on the screen and the comp continues to reboot. This contiues happeing unless i pull the dvd out or justg boot into windows. If i find any info ill post it here.