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  1. Help me Hackintosh my build, bros.

    Yeah, get a new pc to make into a hackintosh, one that is intel, you're not gonna get very far with that one unless you can completely write your own kernel for your CPU.
  2. Chameleon stuck

    My Chameleon won't load, no matter what I use for it. It gets stuck when loading and it has the - then \ then | and thats where it stops, it never gets to the GUI no matter how many time i try to reinstall it. Anybody?
  3. Chameleon stuck

    My Chameleon won't load, no matter what I use for it. It gets stuck when loading and it has the - then \ then | and thats where it stops, it never gets to the GUI no matter how many time i try to reinstall it. Anybody?
  4. myHack

    Okay, what the {censored} is myHack, and what the {censored} does it do to your machine? I was looking through my Apps and Utilities in my dock on my Snow Leopard installation, just wasting away as I began getting bored. Then, suddenly, I thought of a new project: Boot Camp, on my Hackintosh. I looked up a guide, being thrilled at the idea. I found a fully detailed, amazing guide, with downloads to a patched Boot Camp Assistant and everything. But, one thing it had a link to, myHack bootloader. I read the information on the page. It said you should put it on a USB drive so you don't mess up your bootloader when you use Boot Camp. So, I downloaded it, installed it to USB drive, and everything was happy-dandy. Until I restarted... I restarted my computer, and selected, as usual, the "Sandisk Cruzer USB 2.0". Everything went as usual. It booted up myHack. I was amazed at the well-made bootloader. It was used for vanilla installs, and it was beautiful, the background, the out-of-the way icons, everything. It was perfect at everything. Except booting the {censored} computer. I selected "Macintosh HD" from the menu, and since I had all of my boot flags in com.apple.boot.plist, I hit enter. First thing I see: "EFI string not recognized at first boot" I don't use an EFI string. "Boot ROM image found". Screen goes black. Restarts the computer. Okay, I say. So, I boot up from my Chameleon bootloader, PC EFI 10.5. I choose "Macintosh HD". First thing that comes up in the -v: Version mismatch between Kernel and CPU -pm. So, I {censored}ed that up. I didn't, myHack did. Okay, so I do it all over again, my install, everything, the whole procedure. Chameleon doesn't work. When I reinstall the bootloader, it stops at the | when loading. Doesn't do anything. Can't boot. I use the text Chameleon from iAtkos v7 to boot into Leopard. I have no data. I have nothing. What the {censored} did this thing do to my computer?
  5. Mouse Skipping

    Could I use the Radeon? With a VGA adapter? No, I can't. It doesn't detect the right monitor res, it doesn't have QE/CI, it is fuzzy, doesn't load the greyish theme for Mac windows, and instead of mouse skipping, it turns the screen black.
  6. Mouse Skipping

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4850. It's fully working with QE/CI. Is there a problem with it?
  7. Mouse Skipping

    Hey, I've been having trouble with my mouse since Leopard. I had a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse which constantly skipped. I used my mom's wireless HP mouse for a while, (she has a wireless microsoft desktop now) and instead of skipping, it stops, then resumes from where it stopped. I bought a new Razer Mamba and used USB overdrive to change the buttons, but that has nothing to do with it. Every mouse I've used gives me the same problem with skipping or freezing. It has nothing to do with Itunes/Quicktime, as neither of them run and I have the skipping problem. It also isn't AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext or whatever. One thing: It DOES NOT skip on the login page, when you choose the account. It DOES NOT. Any help is appreciated. Everything else is working
  8. Not one of the best, THE best, combined with the osx86project wiki. Many a thanks to InsanelyMac from a hackintosh pro, also. My 3 year Hackintosh is finished! woot.
  9. iWork 09?

    I recently installed iWork 09 on my hackintosh, and I was wondering, when I type anything into the box or try to resize the window in any way, it totally garbles up and messes up the whole thing, like whatever's in the white box area stays there forever. It's extremely unusual and I would like these apps working. It could be the fact that it's a somehow faulty iWork, or it could be that OSX thinks I have no VRAM cause it doesn't know my video card. Any ideas?
  10. Cannot enter topic text

    Hey, when I make a new topic on my Windows machines, the box that you type the first post in won't let me type anything in it. It doesn't even show the text cursor.
  11. ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB

    Hey guys, Sorry about all the posts about this card. It's getting annoying, to me too. I just need some help that would be really appreciated. I have everything (theoretically) working, with no ATI2600X as it gives me garbled graphics, things in /Extra, things in S/L/E, and whatever else. It's just that, when I boot in verbose (-v), it tells me: Not loading com.apple.ATI4800Controller.kext - kext not found and kextd not available in early boot Or something along those lines. I'm sure it would work if I could boot it with that kext... Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you can help!
  12. 82567v-2 Ethernet for 10.5.7

    Well, thanks. It didn't work, however. I'm sure that if I could get my hands on openintelethernet, though, I would be able to get this thing working. I PMed AlwaysATiger or whatever his name is, and I'm waiting for a response to see if he'd be kind enough to let me use his openintelethernet.
  13. 82567v-2 Ethernet for 10.5.7

    Hey all, I've been having trouble with making a new hackintosh. But never fear! A new boot flag saved me, and I have everything installed and working. Except - You got it - My LAN. It's an integrated 10/100/1000 Intel 82567V-2. I read another topic about it saying that openintelethernet.kext worked with it, but psystar got blown to pieces and I can't find the kext anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Thanks.
  14. Sorry for reviving an 11-day old topic, but I just got this PC and I really want to put Snow Leopard on it. I get stuck at the infamous "using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 IO cluster buffer headers" when booting normal leopard. With getting Leopard on it, would iPC's ACPIfix fix this? And, zaq123, using iDeneb 10.5.6 works on mine, but it gets stuck at the error above.
  15. A Core i7 Hackintosh Help

    I just got a new HP e9280t. It may seem like some sort of off-the-shelve cheap PC and I may seem like some newbie knowing nothing about this stuff but you are equally wrong on both cases. Anyways, I thought that I could boot vanilla because of the core i7 (which mac uses i7 again?) but like you probably were in the last paragraph, I was wrong. Now, I want to know how to install Snow Leopard onto this thing, without wiping the first hard drive. In the guide at the Genius bar of Snow Leopard on the Gigabyte X58, it seems as though you must have two hard drives with one having leopard installed. The computer has only two HD bays, and I can't wipe the data off the first HD, so would two partitions on the second HD be sufficient? I'm betting that that guide would work for me. I'm currently downloading kalyway 10.5.2 to do the guide with, and if anybody posts here, great, if no one does, well, I'll post back with my Kalyway progress. I'm also DLing Snow Leopard.dmg for the instructions. Getting to the point, I have an X58 chipset and a core i7 processor. Most guides have GIGABYTE mobos, but mine is a Pegatron mobo, with core i7 950. BTW, I have Snow Leopard by Hazard, but it won't boot. Any boot parameters for a core i7?</div> I have only been able to boot into iDeneb, and that's leopard.