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  1. Finaly I had installed Mountain Lion!!! But now I have no iCloud!! When I login to my icloud accout I get this message: "This Apple ID is valid but not an iCloud account" Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks
  2. I had downloaded Install OS X Mountain Lion.dmg file and now were do I put the files of this image in my disk so that the install/mkboot script could grab it? Thanks in advance
  3. To solve the iCloud issue you need to activate your iCloud account on a real Mac or iOS machine. In an iPad with iOS 5, I activated the iCloud account and then I could logon in the iCloud account in the hackintosh machine.
  4. I think that the problem is that!
  5. But you customize your serial number and so with the wizard? Second, did you activate your iCloud account in a iPhone or genuine Mac first?
  6. Are you shure you have a GA-P35 DS4??? I used the Chameleon Wizard as well but I still have no luck with iCloud. Can you post here your steps? Here is what I get: (see attachment)
  7. Any luck with iCloud on GA P35 DS4? I can't login in iCloud...
  8. I have a Lion/Seven dual boot system on a GA-P35-DS4. But now on windows I have always less one hour than the real time! How can I solve this? Thanks
  9. I had installed OS X Lion on this Gigabyte mobo with success, but after doing the update to version 10.7.1 I loose sound card driver. Can Anyone help me please? Thanks
  10. I had successfully installed the Lion on my GA-P35-DS4 MOBO However now I loose the sound after updating to the 10.7.1 version... How do I enable sound again? Thank You
  11. [Ajuda] Rede não funciona

    Eu desde que fiz o update para a 10.6.8 fiquei sem rede e o computador está muito lento. Alguem sabe como removar as actualizações?
  12. Problema no update 10.6.8

    Eu estou com um problema de rede desde que fiz o update para a 10.6.8. Fiquei sem rede, tanto por cabo como por pen wifi usb e o portatil ficou super lento! Alguém sabe como reverter esta atualização? Obrigado
  13. Intel GMA 3100 QE/CI

    I need to change the resolution on my HP DV6600! How do you did it? what is the resolutiontrick?
  14. I am doing a Clean vanilla install on my HP DV6645ep. Everything is working fine... Do I have to put the EFI CD on the drive everytime I have to reeboot or boot? thanks
  15. but can´t we put arch=x86_64 instead of 32? in case of 64 bits compatible CPU's? (Intel Q6600)