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  1. mac model

    I'd also like to know where Lion's About This Mac pulls it's model information from. I set my Lion install to 12,2 and I'm getting iMac Mac Pro (Early 2008) So clearly it's detecting Mac Pro somewhere else....but I can't figure it out. Is it in SMC? EDIT: Nevermind, should have searched! SMserialnumber: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=about+this+mac
  2. If the kext works, the smbios plist with PC_EFI 10.4 will work, as long as you specify the right CPU.
  3. Read the original post. Manually set your cpu type via smbios.plist keys.
  4. I have clarified the original post. This CPU detection patch is now included in netkas' PC_EFI 10.4 and will be included with future versions of Chameleon
  5. What does system profiler say?
  6. Macs don't report model numbers. So you being "anal" about this would in fact be rather contradictory. But yeah, completely pointless edit because that model will only show up in System Profiler, no where else in the operating system.
  7. You didn't edit the Info.plist in the injector to change your CPU type to Core2 Duo (the default is Xeon). The bootloader auto detected 2 cores and set Core2 Duo. I don't have Leopard installed. You can use the modified Chameleon RC3 that I provided with Leopard. I think I'm pretty clear about it if you read the topic. It says a "modified Chameleon RC3 with netkas' PC_EFI 10.3" right under the bold text. If for some weird reason you can't use Chameleon, use the kext. Correct me if I'm wrong but there aren't that many bootloaders. Chameleon, PC_EFI (which practically is Chameleon) and BootThink. 2 of which are open source, and essentially the same...so I wonder which I modified
  8. The bootloader injects these 131 and 132 tables
  9. Did you actually try manually specifying in smbios.plist?! Did you have CDs/DVDs in your drive at the time? Seems unlikely to add such an extra boot time.
  10. I have updated the first post with a modified Chameleon RC3 boot loader (and source). This should auto-detect your CPU. No need for the kext anymore.
  11. I have successfully modified Chameleon RC3 (with PC_EFI 10.3) to include SMBIOS tables 131 and 132. This means that there will be no need for this extension anymore...it will be injected by Chameleon at the boot loader stage Will post the source and binary in about 24 hours, not at home at the moment and got a couple of things to do.... Basically, if you install my version of Chameleon RC3, the bootloader will try to detect the number of cores you have and try to inject Core Solo, Core 2 Duo or Quad-Core Intel Xeon into the SMBIOS. You will also be able to override this "auto-detection" and specify your own "cpu-type" if you know the value for it via smbios.plist. Core i7 users will also be able to set their interconnect speed via smbios.plist. Once I'm home, I'll post the source and the rest to this thread. Just thought I'd post an update for now though
  12. Once you add cpu-type to cpus, it should be replicated to the CPU aliases. AppleSMBIOS checks "/cpus".
  13. You're using a MacBookPro SMBIOS with a Desktop CPU. Might have something to do with it, might not.
  14. Try bumping the BIOS Version and Product Name to a MacPro3,1. Also, attach outputs of sysctl -a | grep cpu and system_profiler SPHardwareDataType
  15. I didn't think VMware fusion or Paralells had any particular check. I've installed these perfectly, even with an Unknown CPU type. Are you sure that all your SMBIOS details are accurate? GeekBench is supposed to show the real CPU name. This isn't what this extension is for. Real Macs will also report their actual CPU name in GeekBench. If you actually read this thread...you'd realize this is exactly what you DON'T want to do. This "fix" is 110% useless. What's bizzare exactly? 1. Is correct. The brand_string is ALWAYS static, no matter how much you overclock. 2. Is the result of either CPUInjector or editing the System Profiler 3. As above 4. GeekBench grabs your actual CPU name, trims down the string then finds your ACTUAL clock speed 5. CPU-X is just using the brand_string