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    ATI radeon 9550 driver

    On this way,there is something on the mouse,how to clear it?
  2. 有没有认识中文的!!!我装10.4.6的时候,警告我说:you need restart your computer~~~ 是怎么回事啊?
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    OK~~~~~~~~thanks guys
  4. yahoo!


    well well My hardriver and DVD is IDE interface do i must set the DVD inprimary channel??
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    a gray screen a apple loading`````loading`````loading````` 2 seconds latter It told me that!!!!
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    But I've made a test the processor Support SSE3 Ues the CPU-Z -program
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    No reply!!!!
  8. yahoo!

    Install DVD doesn't boot! Please Help!

    we are the same problem help~!!!
  9. Installation (Booting the DVD) 1. Boot the DVD by restarting you computer with the DVD in the drive 2. An Apple logo is going to show for a while...loading....loading....loading.... (OK on this steep it told me that you need to restart your computer~~~~~~)
  10. yahoo!

    Installing on Mach Speed PM2MP

    Good!!! Can you give me the MD5 OK? I can't install it . It tole me that :you need to restart your computer~~~~~~ my specs celeron D 2.4G 512MB ATI9550 J-pm2m board 8139link
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    Celeron D2.4G ATI9550 512M 80GB P815 !!!
  12. yahoo!


    Well , when I install the X86.10.4.6.DVD,It tole me that :you need to restart your computer Hold down the power button for a several sceonds or press the restart button!!! Why?? help me Ok thanks guys!!