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  1. Before I buy a new Dell...

    dude, you can build one for 300 bucks, and it will be a MUCH better computer...

  3. Updating Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.7 help please!

    dude, dont know if it will help, but try this CONFIRMED COMPAQ A931NR - InsanelyMac Forum
  4. ideneb 10.5.6 update to 10.5.7 location

    try the bay
  5. iPC 10.5.6 on Compaq Presario 2800

    which kalyway? also try leo4all...that worked for me...at least to get OSX installed, then I had some other problems.... but if you want 10.5.6 try my tutorial...this is a new method i have been working on...not my tools, but my way of installing... give it a try, i am on 10.5.6 with excellerated graphics.CONFIRMED COMPAQ A931NR
  6. iATKOS v7 VGA not work

    I have a tutorial to make your video work.... CONFIRMED COMPAQ A931NR the whole part about using the leopard graphics update 1.0

    Also lost time machine after 10.5.6 update. This is a common occurance for this on all distros. I think I fixed time machine. I did that by applying read write permissions to the drive my time machine is on. (Right click on the drive, click get info. Expand the sharing and permissions tab in the window that opens, click the lock and type your password. It will ask you something about applying to whole drive. Say yes.) It takes a REALLY LONG time to do that. Time machine works after this. As for keyboard and mouse, there is supposedly a fix for it. I gotta do some more research around for this. If I get it fixed I will report here with it. I still cannot get the internal wireless working. I think it may be a lost cause. But all in all I think I may have some breakthrough methods here. I think this method may work for EVERYONE who ends up with broken graphics after update. I cannot confirm because on the other hackintoshes I have installed on I never had broken graphics. My on board web cam does work. I am yet to try the on board LAN. Will try that ASAP. I will also drop a list of important things I used during my installation process.

    OK, So my method does work on 10.5.6. I just needed to have a USB keyboard. I somehow lost the keyboard onboard. Will report back soon

    DAMN!!!!!!!! Something must've changed in the setup between 10.5.5 and 10.5.6. When I use Pacifist the part where it asks for password is not working like last time. I type my password and press enter and nothing. And fishing for hours got me nowhere so I don't know. Does anyone know how to install the leopard graphics update 1.0 on 10.5.5 either in command line or before you boot or something? Please Help

    OK.... .... GOOD NEWS...I figured a way to get my method to work. Fist you need to make sure pacifist is REGISTERED, that way that little pop-up window does not appear. Next is to turn off that tip window that pups up. Make sure it doesn't start up on boot. Next, move the Pacifist window from the left side of the monitor to the right side. The close pacifist. Re-open just to make sure it opens on the right instead of left. You are going to want to do this with other folders that you keep all your files in. Make sure when you open them, their window opens on the right. Otherwise you need to go fishing and try to find your window when it opens (Not fun at all). Make sure you are current with your time machine and let it rip. Use the apple 10.5.5 delta update. Not the combo. RESTART. Your graphics will be broken. This is ok, because now with the prep from before (moving pacifist and other windows), you can install that leopard graphics update. You will probably have to go fishing for your window, but it really is not that bad, just keep trying, you will eventually get it. (By fishing, I mean moving your mouse off screen to try and find your window, clicking and dragging, hoping you drag you window into view. Remember, broken graphics = graphics only on right half of your screen with this machine.) Install the package, but it is going to start then you are going to get the spinning beach ball. I let it sit for a while thinking it was doing something, then I remembered, it asks you if you want to do this in administrator mode and prompts for your password. So when you see the spinning beach ball when installation starts type in your password and press enter. Now this is the tedious part. It is going to ask you for permission to replace every file and you cannot see the window telling you to do this action for every file, so you MUST keep pressing the enter button, it will just keep replacing the files. This is where I thought I got into a little snag. I dont know if I did something wrong (I got impatient and went fishing for the window and may have pushed a button.) But after a while I got some kind of error. I could not see the error because it poped up on the left side of the screen. The enter button would do anything, but the computer did make the error noise every time I pressed it. So I said F K it and did a hard restart. Thinking I was going to have to time machine AGAIN I let the machine boot up. To my surprise, started right up, no hitch. Graphics hardware excellerated. Now for 10.5.6------Back with an update soon-----------------------------------

    -----UPDATE------ ok, I have tried my method i have been using, no go on 10.5.5. It would not let me Install the leopard graphics update after I installed the apple update. This broke my graphics. I also tried going to ideneb 10.5.7 combo update. Again, no go. This time it did not even boot, I got stuck at white apple screen with the spinning wheel of death. This may be due to the driver selection, not really sure. I plan on working on this all day...will update soon.

    ----------------PLEASE PIN-------------LOTS OF HARD WORK WENT INTO THIS------------------- This is for the users of the Compaq Presario a900 series Laptops. Motherboard Chipset ICH 8 (m) Video - GM965/GL960/GMA X3100 Sound - HD Audio 82801 H (ICH8) Network card - 8139/c/c+ Wireless - AR242x OK, so I have been at this for over a year now. Back in June 2008 a guy by the name of Weak Sauce stopped posting on a thread with the EXACT same laptop I have. Boy was I upset when I saw he gave up on it. I was stuck at the exact same spot he was at. 10.5.2 working with CI/QE. But 10.5.3 broke video. I tried EVERY single distribution out there, literally. With as many combinations of drivers and kernals. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...aded&start= Finally what finally got me off of 10.5.2 was a combination of a few things. First is my trusty time machine. Not afraid to try anything as long as i have that. You need the kalyway 10.5.3 combo update and kernal. You also NEED the leopard graphics update and pacifist. I used the new chameleon 2.0 bootloader on a usb dongle. Install the Kalyway 10.5.3 update, DO NOT RESTART. Install the kernal that came with the update, STILL DO NOT RESTART. Open pacifist and install the leopard graphics update through pacifist. Now you can restart. Make sure that you can boot off of your USB or if you want there are other methods for the boot loader (GOOGLE IT). If you are using the USB bootloader make sure that no other usb drives are plugged in or you system will try and boot off that drive. Hopefully at this point you are exactly where we want, on your desktop and your graphics are supported (CI/QE hardware excellerated). Now you will need the regular 10.5.4 update from apple, make sure it is the delta, again GOOGLE IT. Once you have the new update make sure you use your time machine then go ahead and do the update. AGAIN, DO NOT RESTART. Again, open pacifist and install the leopard graphics update. Now you can restart. You should be back up and running hardware excellerated graphics, and on 10.5.4. This is where I got stuck, because when I did the same method for 10.5.5, pacifist (Nor any other program for that matter) would not open, so I could not install the leopard graphics update. So I got that stupid broken graphics start-up. Time Machine here I go. I cannot get internal wi-fi working, which kinda sucks, but I do have a dongle that works, so not too worried about it. Sound works through speakers, did not try input tho. Keyboard and mousepad work. There are a few guides for getting the battery and power management (Fans) working properly. GOOGLE IT. You will always end up here at insanelymac forums, which is nice. I will update this when I figure out how to get passed 10.5.4, which I think I have an idea of what I need to do. I need to thank Weak Sauce for all his work before me. That guide you had was great. It really helped a LOT. Also I need to thank Kalyway and everyone else for all their amazing work.